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It's reported that individual tickets will cost $1000 each.


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The tickets for the 1976 Super Bowl cost $20.00.

the cost of the tickets was; $12.00 try that now!

From 2k-10k and even higher for suite tickets

super bowl tickets are selling for $2400 and $240 acoding to "stub Hub" .com

10 dollars and it was not a sellout

they only cost 2,300 if you want to tailgate

A 30-second ad in Super Bowl XLVI (2012) cost $3.5 million dollars.

About $1600. This is not actual information.

Tickets range from 2k-10k and up for luxury suite tickets

Face Value is between $600 and $1200. Actual cost through a reseller will be $2000-$14,000 per tickets.

Tickets for Super Bowl games can be very expensive, especially if you're close to the field. Depending on what section in the arena you're in you could spend between $400 and $2000 dollars.

For the 2009 Super Bowl, official prices for 17,000 suite and club seats were $1,000 each. Another 53,000 tickets were priced at $800, and the remaining 1,000 at $500. Almost all of these were purchased and resold at a higher cost, $2000 to $2500 for most tickets and as high as $4300 for Club seats.

Tickets to the Gator bowl vary in cost. If one was trying to obtain tickets to the Gator Bowl in a certain section, he or she would most likely pay more.

The average cost of a ticket for Super Bowl I was $12.

The face value of a Super Bowl ticket will vary depending on the seat. For the 2015 Super Bowl, the cost of tickets will range from $1,882 for upper level end zones seats to $7,507 for club level premium seats.

How much does it cost to produce the Super Bowl? (Not just to advertise on it.)

I'm guessing $25 for general admission, upper level.

About $3000 nowadays, good luck getting one at least 6 months before the game.

You will need to account for the cost of airfare, hotel rooms, food, and tickets.Where you sit at the game will determine how much the tickets cost. How far you have to fly to the game will determine how much the airfare will cost. I would say it would cost a minimum of $750 dollars to go to the Super Bowl.

so, up in the seats where you needs binoculars to see the game those seats cost $800

According to, a 30 second commercial in Super Bowl I cost $42,000. Compare that to a 30 second commecial in Super Bowl XLII at a cost of $2,700,000.

If you are looking for really good seats then it would probably cost around a $1000 but back seats can range from $50-$500.

super bowl 43 commerical time cost 2.4 mil to 3 mil for 30 seconds of air time so super bowl 44 will properly cost the same if not a little more

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