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What are the two major companies David Beckham has worked for?

The two major companies David beckham worked for was GELLETTE and ADIDAS

What sports star sold the most for Adidas in 2009?

David Beckham

Which professional footballers wear Adidas predators?

David beckham, Steven Gerrard and Luis Antonio Valencia wear the Adidas predators

Who Is David Beckham sponsored by?

Gillette, Police, Pepsi, Adidas, cartier , and many others.

Is David Beckham sponsored by Adidas?

no by slazenger, he used to be sponsored by "the weather in norweigan" on live tv

Who does David Beckham sponsor?

Adidas, Pepsi, Gillette, Vodafone, Police sunglasses, Armani, Sharpie

Who sells the most soccer shirts and how many?

David Beckham by Adidas, more than 250,000

Is David Beckham real?

no, sir david beckham is a mythical creature, created to help Adidas sell shoes. But the name is kinda catchy, maybe ill name my first born beckham. well hope this helps,

Who sponsors David Beckham?

well for the team LA Galaxy, Herbalife sponsors the team, but idk who just sponsors david. {EDIT/ADD-ON} David Beckham is sponsored by: * Motorola * Pepsi * Gillette * Volkswagen An he also has his own little branch of merchandise with adidas. HE has a whole heap more but i cant remember them atm. Just look at what he's wearing and that usually a give away!

What cleats did David Beckham wear in 2002?

Adidas Predators??? Adidas Predator Mania - the best predators ever! ever since then they have gone down hill.

What size are david beckham 's Adidas football boots?

He wears a size 8 (UK) shoe... 

What products does David Beckham endorse?

Vodaphone ($1.8 million), Rage Software ($2.7 million), Japanese TV ($500,000), Police Sunglasses ($1.8 million), Pepsi ($3.6 million), Adidas ($5.4 million), Gillette ($7.5 million) motorola, Calvin Klein underwear

Is David Beckham married to Victoria Beckham?

Yes, David Beckham married Victoria Beckham.

How Older Is David Beckham?

david beckham is 36

Who is older David Beckham or katie price?

David Beckham.

Who was richer in 2005 between david or Victoria beckham?

David Beckham.

History of David beckham wages?

How much did David Beckham get in Madrid

Where did David beckham do to school?

David Beckham Went To Chingford Foundation.

What color hair has has David Beckham?

David Beckham has blond hair

What did David Beckham studied at university?

David Beckham did not go to university

Who replaced David Beckham?

Christiano Ronaldo replaced David Beckham.

Is David beckham disabled?

No David Beckham is a famous soccer player

Who is more famous The Beatles or David Beckham?

Probably david Beckham

Who is better than David beckham?

yura movsisyan is better then david beckham

Is David Beckham is christian?

Nop! David & Victoria Beckham is in Mahayana Buddhism