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normally around $50,000 a year .

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How much money does an NBA cheerleader make?

nba cheerleaders make 1,000,000 dollars a year

Do NBA cheerleader get paid?

NO they do not get paid

How much does an NFL cheerleader make?


How much does an Eagles cheerleader make?


How much does a cheerleader make a year?

a cheerleader usually makes 50 to 65 dollars a game! ;]

Who is the highest paid NBA cheerleader?

You can say the LAKERS, or the CELTICS.

How much money does a NHL hockey cheerleader make?


How much do NBA teams make?

NBA teams make alot of millions.

What is the salary of an NBA cheerleader?

$50.00 per game (Home Games)

Does every NBA team have cheerleader?

Yes. whats a team with no cheerleaders?!

How much money does a Chicago Bulls cheerleader make in a year?

a quarter

How much does a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader make?

start out about 32,000 dollars

How much does a U of A cheerleader make?

$1 Million per Year.

How much does a Sacramento kings cheerleader make per game?

20.00 a game.

How much money do cheer leaders make a year?

why do you care? -former cheerleader-

How much does a dallas cowboy cheerleader make a year?

10000 they do not make that they make 100,000 every six months

How much does a NBA player make?

the average nba player make 25,000,000 for a 5 year contract

How much money does a NBA athletic trainer make?

want to know how much nba trainers make between 75,000 and 275,000 dollars

For which NBA team was Emily Harper a cheerleader from 2000-03?

LA Lakers

How much does nba players make?

They make 300k a year

How much do NBA players make for winning NBA title?

different amounts by the year

What is the yearly salary of an nba cheerleader?

$1 Million per year so work hard.

How much does an NBA referee make?

at starting of seasons they make $80,000

How much does a NFL cheerleader make a game?

I think they get about $50 dollars per home game.

How much does an NBA gm make?

an NBA GM makes a lot of money which they spend on food:)

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