How much does a female basketball player get paid?


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about 1,000,000 for professionals/ the very highest level

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basketball players get paid as much as 20,000,000 a year 456,000

the highest paid basketball player is mj he gets paid 35,000,000 not from basketball from comercails and sponsors

I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan. I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan.

Kobe Bryant gets paid $102,439 per hour during his games.

Mac Cardona has long been the highest paid basketball player in the PBA.

In the 2009-10 season Kevin Garnett got paid $24.75million, the most during that season.

Basketball Wives get paid $10,000 an episode!

Average Salary per Year is $5.37 million.

That depends on the player. A good player will get paid around $8 million a year while a great player will get paid $20 million a year. Rookies generally only get paid $1 million a year.

In Middle School and High School basketball, you get paid nothing. In the NBA, you get paid $100k a year.

Yes, NBA players get paid to play basketball.

Depends on what player. The league minimum is 475k. But the max is 35million. Right now the most paid player is Kobe Bryant making around 25 million.

The Spain is a well-known country in sports such as football, soccer and basketball that every player received a higher salary. In the professional basketball of Spain a regular player paid as much as $100,000 and a popular player received over a million dollar.

As of now Kevin Garnett is the highest pid basketball player.

I would say the player. Since he gets paid for every game and the coach.....i dunno. Im not rlly into basketball but that's my guess.

it is a volunteer job, No one gets paid to do it.

they get paid $185.0000 and that's why they get more then basketball players

Any where from 410k to 20 million. Lebron James makes 17.91 million a year

It depends, not all players get paid the same. Although per year they get about,000.

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