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ASTM International Standard F 1979 - 04, Standard Specification for Paintballs Used in the Sport of Paintball,specifies in requirement 3.3 that paintballs shall not weigh more than 3.5 grams. There is not a minimum weight requirement.

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How much does paintball weigh?

On average 3.2 grams or 0.11 oz

How much does one paintball weigh?

There is no minimum weight but they cannot weigh more than 3.5 grams.

How much does a paintball gun weigh fully loaded?

The weight depends on the gun, you can get little cheap guns that weigh less than 5 pounds and can get as large as real firearms and weigh over 15 pounds.

Can you use the same co2 tank for paintball and sodamaker?

No, paintball co2 is much higher pressure.

Doesn't airsoft sting more than paintball?

Paintball hurts MUCH more than airsoft. The reason that Paintball hurts more than Airsoft is because the speed of the paintball is faster and the mass is also larger. Take an Airsoft BB and a paintball and look at the difference in size. Now, when you figure that Paintball markers have much greater speed than an Airsoft gun, you will find that Paintball will and should hurt more.

How much force does a paintball gun have?

.291 Newtons and 13.06 joules, enough to need a paintball mask.

How much do paintballs weigh?

a case of paintballs weighs about 16 pounds. There are 2000 paintballs in each case plus about 1 pound of packaging. 1 paintball = about 4 grams

How is a parallelogram a trapezoid?

i dont know How much do eggs weigh?How mHow much do eggs weigh?uch do eggs weigh?How much do eggs weigh?How much dHHow much do eggs weigh?ow much do eggs weigh?o eggs weigh?How much do eggs weigh?

Is Proto Paintball and Dye Paintball the same company?

Proto is a division of Dye, much like Chevrolet is a division of GM.

Where can one find discounted paintball accessories?

One can find discounted paintball accessories from Just Paintball, Paintballing, Discount Paintball, Zephyr Paintball, Outpost Paintball, Paintball UK and Armed Paintball stores.

What is the most powerful paintball gun?

Any paintball gun that you can adjust the FPS (feet per second) on can be powerful, because basically, that adjusts how much thrust the air has on the paintball pushing it out of the barrel.

How much does a paintball field owner make?

depends on the field but typically, not much

Witch is better a fusion paintball gun or an Ion paintball gun?

fusion is much better ions need to be fully upgraded

How much does a profesional paintball player make?

not much, usually they are not paid but do get all their gear for free. there are very few people who can put professional paintball player as a job title

What TV channel is paintball?

Paintball isn't on television that much but if it is it is on ESPN or ESPN 2 or the summer xgames....or go to Google and type in ncpa college association and that's a college paintball website that contains videos usually about 45 minutes long of paintball games.

What are some popular paintball discounters in the US?

Popular paintball stores in the US offering discounted paintball equipment include Paintball Discounters, Paintball Online, Discount Paintball, and Zephyr Paintball. Inexpensive paintball equipment can be found secondhand on websites such as Amazon and eBay.

How much could you sell your paintball gun for?

****Answer**** Depends on what your selling.

How much does a grey aliens weigh?

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What is the purpose of a paintball gun?

The purpose of a paintball gun is to fire paintball pellets, to mark opponents in the game of paintball.

What is the best inexpensive paintball gun?

If you are worried about price and you havent even paid for a paintball gun yet then paintball may not be for you. Paintball is a very expensive "sport". Paintballs, C02, Gear, and much more is going to cost you money ....ANSWER---If you are going to buy a paintball marker get a tippman. You will get a gun that works really well and lasts for a long time. Buying a CHEAP gun is not going to do you any good in the paintball world.

How much did a triceratops weigh?

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How much does akon weigh?

How much does Akon weigh.

How much can a reindeer weigh?

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