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How much does a professional race car driver earn?

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It ranges because of driver popularity, and amount of wins. For example, Jeff Gordon makes annualy over 5 million dollars just for racing not for sponsoring anything. Now, a driver like Kenny Wallace might be lucky if he breaks the 1 million dollar mark. In other series it works the same. In the IRL Danica Patrick gets paid more than most drivers even though she is winless, but she is the covergirl of the racing scene.

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How much will Lewis hamilton the f1 driver earn?

$15.00 USD per race

How many points does a Indy Race Car driver earn for winning a 1st place in a race?


How much money does a Nascar driver earn?

It all depends on how well you do in a race. It also depends on how much money you make from your sponsors and how much merchandise your fans buy.

What position does Jeff Gordon hold?

Professional race car driver

What is the real name of the race car driver Drift King?

The real name of the Drift King, the race car driver, is Keiichi Tsuchiya. He is a professional race car driver and is known as Drift King for his unconventional use of drifting.

How much does a Nascar Sprint Cup Series driver earn?

All Nascar drivers earn different amounts. It all depends on the amount of races they enter and their finishing position in each race.

How much does it cost for one driver to race in a Nascar race?


How much do non qualifiers earn for the Daytona 500?

Nothing. A driver has to qualify for the Daytona 500 in order to earn their money. As long as they make the race, they can finish 43rd and still make over $250,000.

How many driving experience days do I need to become a speed race driver?

I dont think your driving experience days qualify you to become a speed race car driver. First you would have to get special training in race car driving in order to become a professional race car driver.

How much does a black cab driver earn?

Taxi cab drivers are not paid based on race or ethnicity. The amount earned by a cab driver will depend on the company for whom they work, the location in which they are working, and job experience.

How much does a race car driver make a year?

All based on: popularity, skill, team, and sponsor. In NASCAR a driver for a big team (Hendrick, RCR, ETC) a driver could earn 7 to 10 Million. In F1 a driver for a big team (redbull, Ferrari, ETC) they could earn 10-15 Million. but then you have to add in the sponsor and how much you get paid from your team and/or if the team want money from you.

How much do race car mechanics earn?

a lot.

How much does a race mechanic earn a year?


Who is ashwin sundar?

A professional race car Driver from India . Has Won many National Championships .

What is the maximum amount of point's one driver can earn during one race?

25 for finishing first

How much money does a Le Mans driver earn?

if i could guess between sponsors and everything all together as a whole, I would have to say an average and professional le mans race car driver makes anywhere from $45,000-$250,000 depending on performance on the track via wins etc. what do you all think? I could be wrong ha lol.

How much does horse jockey earn?

They earn 10 percent of the purse winnings from each race.

What did race car driver Jimmie Johnson earn in 2005?

Jimmie Johnson's race winnings for the 2005 season was $6,796,660. This is the amount Jimmie won over a 36 race schedule.

Was Dominic Ercolini ever a race car driver?

Not a professional one, but he raced "Dwarf" cars for fun.

Does tanner foust have kids?

Tanner Foust does not have any children. Tanner Foust is a professional race car driver, stunt driver and television host.

How much money do race car drivers earn?

I Love You

What did race car driver Tony Stewart earn in 2007?

Tony Stewart earned $6,396,750. in race winnings for the 2007 season. This is the amount Tony won over a 36 race schedule.

How much money does a race car driver win when he wins a race?

Depends on the race, could be 10,000, or it could be 100,000.

What sport does Jeff Gordon play?

Jeff Gordon is a professional race car driver in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

How much money do Nascar drivers make per race?

It all depends on the track and the purse. Usually, a Nascar driver can finish last and still earn between $50,000 to $70,000. The winners could make over $300,000, it changes each week. Sometimes more and sometimes less. The Daytona 500 is the highest paying race, where the winner and the second place driver earn over $1 million each. The last place driver will make over $250,000.