The Undertaker

How much fight undertaker has wrestled?

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Don Jardine, who wrestled as the The Spolier.

The Undertaker, a.k.a. Mark Calaway, is a popular professional wrestler in the WWE, where he has wrestled for over 20 years.

Undertaker took on the Big Show.

There is only one Undertaker, and that is Mark Calaway, he is the only one that has wrestled as the Undertaker, Brandon Lee did it for a storyline at the beginning, but Mark is the only one that has done it.

undertaker wrestled,argued,saved some wrestlers,burried wrestlers,hurt wrestlers,and gat wrestlemania streaks.he is now 19-0

Yes they have wrestled before. In fact the Undertaker has beaten Triple H at Wrestlemania before

the undertaker will maybe i am not sure fight thriple h at wrestlemania 28

Yes he was. He wrestled in the SMW, ECW, WWF as the fake "Undertaker;" a very gifted wrestler.

Khali is stronger than Undertaker. Undertaker is a Batka. He is padela. He is unfit to fight

Undertaker went to Mighigan to fight. Usllay IN Detroit.

it means to fight you dot kow what it means it meas too

undertaker is realy strong but if u meen a fight then triple h

In 1993, the Undertaker was 'buried' in a Casket match. In 1994, a second "Undertaker" (Played by Brian Lee, instead of Mark Calaway) was introduced by Ted DiBiase (Sr.), prompting the return of the Undertaker. The infamous fight to which you are referring occurred at SummerSlam 1994, with the 'real' (Calaway) Undertaker defeating the 'fake' (Lee) Undertaker.

lots of men and divas such as Kane rey mysterio hbk hhh batista undertaker maria trish stratus

Shawn Michaels is taking time off from wrestling. He has not wrestled since his Wrestlemania XXV match with The Undertaker.

Yes, there has been only one Undertaker and that is Mark Calaway. When Ted brought in a fake undertaker it was Brian Lee. Kane never ever wrestled as the Undertaker! THERE HAS BEEN ONE AND ONLY ONE AND THAT IS MARK CALAWAY, DO THE RESEARCH I AM NOT LYING!

How much an undertaker makes in a year, is an answer the undertaker will take to the grave!

Mark Calaway was the real one in the purple gloves, the imposter was Brian Lee. Brian Lee also fought as Chainz from DOA (Disciples of Apocalypse), he also wrestled in ECW and TNA.

No the undertaker is not going 2 b in fatal 4 way

The Undertaker has recently had a much lighter wrestling schedule due to his recurring knee problems.He would injure himself permanently if he was too take up a more active role within the WWE.

Undertaker is not fully retired from the WWE. Over the past few years he has wrestled only once every year at the annual Wrestlemania pay per view. He has been an active wrestler for over 2 decades and his body is now not in a position to compete regularly. This year he fought CM Punk at wrestlemania and we still do not know who he will fight next year

Kane.they will proboley fight at wrestlemania 27.

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