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How much force is needed to hit a home run?

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The answer depends on the variable of distance needed to hit a homerun. I just finished a problem for physics about this and the distance was only 220 ft, but with that i got around 1300 N

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What is the least amount of force needed to hit a baseball out of the stadium?

around 246 newtons of force

How much force is in a football hit?

Force equals mass times acceleration.

Bases loaded 1 out ball is hit to firstbaseman who tags runner and throws home is it a force at home still and can runners revert?

By tagging a trailing runner, the force has been removed, so there is no force at home.

How much force does a raindrop hit the ground with?

about 6.5 milinewtons

What kind of force between the bat and the ball helps a baseball player hit a home run?

A pushing force 8P

How much force to break a human skull?

About the same amount of force it takes to hit a baseball with a baseball bat.

How fast can you hit a racquetball?

It all depends on how much force you put on your swing.

If you hit into a force out does it count as a hit?

No, a force does not count as a hit and the batter's average will go down.

How much force does it take to break hockey glass?

It's not in the actual force but where you hit it, and how you hit it. I have a friend that shattered hockey glass from a fairly weak slapshot but he hit it in just the right place to make it shatter down.

How much home runs did nelson cruz hit in 2009?

Nelson Cruz hit 33 home runs in 2009 for the Texas Rangers.

If a bat hits a ball with 1000 n of force how much force does the ball hit back on the bat?

1000 N as well.

How much force does it take to crack a human skull?

One hit with a baseball bat

Is coordination needed in volleyball?

Yes, coordination is needed in pretty much every sport. If you don't have coordination, you won't be able to hit it right.

Does a baseball go faster when hit with a wood or metal bat?

it all depends on how much force you put into the hit.. they both work equally

If you hit a wall with a force of 540N how much force is exerted on you?

There is always double the force that you put thus in this question there would be 1080 Newtons By: Amitoj Rehill Calgary, Alberta, Canada

How do you use math in vollyball?

the angles that you hit the ball, how high you hit the ball, and the langth you hitt the ball. you also can find out how much force is on the ball:)

What force is used when you hit a ball?

Muscular Force

Which ball goes the highest?

The height of ball will depend on how much force is used to hit the ball and what kind of ball is being hit. A golf ball will go much higher than a basketball or football.

How much home runs did Hank Aaron get in his whole career?

Hank Aaron hit 755 career home runs.

Why does your nose bleed so much when it gets hit?

maybe because of the trauma or the force that is being done on the nose.

What can Alex Rodriguez do to hit his 600th career home run?

Just keep doing what he's doing. After the pressure finally sets in, he'll hit the home run, and much more after.

Why is it easier to hit a home run off a fast pitch than a slow pitch?

There is more force exherted on the ball when you hit it if it goes faster. The slower the ball goes, the less force is applied so it doesnt go as far. Hope that helps, dude.

What is does newton's third law have to do with soccer?

If you hit the ball with force of 10N, it will "hit" you with the force equal in magnitude but opposite in direction.

What are some examples of sports that use force?

Badminton - Force required to hit the shuttlecock Tennis - Force required to hit the ball Football - Force required to kick the ball Rugby - Force required to throw/kick the ball

If you have a choice of what you are going to hit in a crash hit the object?

the least force

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