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How much is a Colt dimondback 38 nickel?

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What is the value of a Colt 38 Diamondback nickel in mint condition?

At least $2,500.

What is the value of a 1967 nickel plated colt 38 revolver?

50-1000 usd

What is the Value of 38 colt cobra nickel plated with ivory handles?

If it letters as leaving Colt that way, quite a bit. You are in the 500-1500 range

How much is the colt cobra with pearl handle 2 inch barrel serial number m52453 worth?

what is a 1978 .38 special colt cobra serial #m52453 nickel plated with pearl handle worth?

How many colt pythons with 8 barrel nickel finish in 38 special were made?

Supposedly only 251

What is the history of this COLT Army Special 38 Serial Number 507493 Nickel Plated?

double action colt revolvers 1905 - 1978 Serial # 507493 made about 1925

Will 38 special ammo fit in a 38 colt revolver?

Maybe. You need to figure out which .38 your Colt is chambered in. .38 Short Colt and .38 Long Colt guns will not chamber a .38 Special. .38 Colt Special is the same as regular .38 Special. If you cannot tell which caliber it is you need to take it to a gunsmith and have him tell you.

Can you shoot 38 colt ammunition in 38 special guns?

The .38 Short Colt catridge may be safely fired in a .38 Special revolver. Not ALL 38 Colts- .38 Short Colt.

Who made the colt 38?


Where can you get prewar grips for a 1929 Colt Official Police .38 nickel finish?

eBay,, gun shows,

What is the value of a colt 38 special nickel plated with a gold trigger and hammier stamped n.y.s.t.?

50-600 USD or so

What is the value of a Colt Diamondback 38 caliber 6 barrel nickel plated?

Depends on condition. Price range from 500-1000

Price value of a colt 38 detective special 3 inch barrel nickel plated?

one in good condition about 600

1974 m542453 38 special ctg colt cobra snub nosed nickel plated gun what would this be worth?


What is the best investment between a colt frontier scout 22 and colt 38 special?

colt 38 special

What ammunition is interchangabe with Colt 38 short new police?

Colt .38 New Police was the Colt name for .38 S&W. Same ammo.

Who invented 38 colt super?


Is the 38 colt and the 38 special interchangable?


Does a 38 DA Colt use 38 short or 38 long?

The Colt DA 38 Model # 1901, can only use a 38 short, not a long or special.

Can you fire a 357 round out of a 38 long colt pistol?

No. .38 Long Colt was the forerunner to .38 Special- and was originally a black powder cartridge. The .38 Special is more powerful- the .357 magnum is MUCH more powerful. Neither the Special nor the magnum should be fired in a gun chambered for .38 Long Colt. This is VERY dangerous.

When was a colt official police 38 special serial number 629864 manufactured. It has a nickel finish. Was this offered from the factory?

It was made in 1939.

Is the Colt Army special 38 a 38 or a 38 special?

38 special

Colt 38 police special?

Colt 38 special police edition s/n 18759

How old is a colt 38 detective special 697794?


Can a colt official police 38 handle 38 special P ammo?

You need to contact Colt

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