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How much is a framed Celtic shirt signed by john hartson worth?

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2 pence

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How much is a 1966 England football shirt framed and signed by 9 players worth?

£ 100

Who buys signed football shirts?

Sports fanatics often buy signed football shirts and get them framed. Framed football shirts adds value to the shirt and they can look nice in any room.

Who much would a Celtic shirt signed by the team of 2006 be worth?

around £150

How much is a signed Manchester United shirt signed by the entire 1999 team including Sir Alex Ferguson worth?

Iv found partialy sgined shirts framed for 499 pounds. As well as a auction record for a signed 'treble' shirt selling for 846 pounds.

How much is a Jerry Rice autographed SF 49's shirt worth now that he is in the Hall Of Fame?

A jerry rice signed shirt/jersey is worth about $300-$1000, it all depends on the condition and if it is framed or not. And if you have it framed then make sure the frame is nice. It's not worth as much if the signature is faded. Make sure the autograph has a certificate of authenticity.

How do you get a coa for a signed Celtic shirt that i won at an auction at a speakers night?

My advice to you would be that since you won it, it is probably from a reputable source so most likely genuine. You would have to go to someone who specialises in Celtic memorabilia and get them to create a coa, but it is basically their opinion.

What shirt number did Jimmy McGrory wear for Celtic?

Celtic didn't wear numbers on their shirts in those days

Does Aston Merrygold surport Celtic?

Aston does support Celtic, he was forced to do so by Natalia's dad but he was pictured again with Natalia's young sister wearing the hoops shirt. He was bought a rangers shirt by a fan after being seen in the Daily Record in the Celtic shirt but never dared wear it near Natalia's house.

How much is a fully signed Real Madrid shirt worth from 03-04?

The value for a fully signed Real Madrid shirt from 03-04 will depend on who signed the shirt and the rarity and conditon of the shirt. A person should have the item appraised by a professional for the true value.

How much would a signed New England Patriots shirt be worth?

It depends on the shirt (t-shirt, replica jersey, authentic jersey, etc.), it's condition and who signed it.

What is the value of an autographed Pele shirt?

400-600 pounds in 2012 depends if framed

How much is a framed Manchester united shirt signed by Ryan giggs and george best worth?

As both Ryan Giggs and George Best , were long serving and talented players at Manchester United it will cost a great deal.

Which Celtic football player wears number 3 shirt?

lee naylor

How much is a signed Bristol City shirt?

2 years ago I sold a Bristol City shirt for £250. It was the shirt that was worn when we played Brentford in the Play Offs when John Ward was manager and the shirt had been signed by all the team

What number did Danny McGrain wear on his shirt at Celtic?

no number as the Celtic strips McGrain wore didnt have numbers.he did have number 2 on his shorts though

Show me a sentences for sacred?

To a Hindu a cow is the most sacred of all animals.You're stepping on sacred ground Kevin, have some respect.This signed Sheffield Wednesday shirt is literally sacred to me, that's why I have it framed; so it can't be damaged.

Who wore the number 9 shirt when Celtic won the European cup?

Steve chalmers

Can football shirts be recycled?

Yes. Football shirts can be recycled like most items of clothing can. However, if you are not going to wear your football shirt you may want to think about getting it signed and framed and it could be worth something in a number of years time.

Who framed Janine Butcher for murder?

Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he has a shirt covered in blood in his bag so put 2n2 2gether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

How much is your signed Tony Hawk shirt worth?

100000000000 billion

Where you can sell a real Madrid shirt signed by the players?

hi if you look my store i have new and modern Shirt this my link

What is the value of a signed Manchester united treble shirt?

wouldn't want it if you gave it to me

How much is a signed Pele shirt worth?

A little more than $700

What shirt number did gascoigne wear for rangers?

Number 8(hail hail)Celtic fan put the guy is a ledgend

Who wore the number seven shirt for Celtic when they won the European Cup in 1967?

Many people answer this question with "Jimmy Johnstone" but this is wrong, No one wore the number seven shirt, as Celtic did not wear numbers on their shirts back then, they wore their sqaud numbers on their shorts Jimmy Johnstone did wear the number 7 that day, but on his shorts