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Rookie- $457 588 going up every year until 10th year where it the minimum is $1 306 455

*these stats are for the 2009-2010 season and do go up every single NBA season

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Q: How much is the minimum NBA salary?
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What is the minimum nba salary?


Is there a minimum salary for a NBA coach?


What is the NBA minimum salary?


Whats the salary for a NBA rookies?

NBA Minimum Salary as of 2010 is $ 473,604 ... chick out the link ...

Minimum salary for the NBA?

it can be 1-6 million

What is minimum wage in the NBA?

The Minimum Annual Salary for an NBA player varies from year to year and depends on how long they have been playing in the NBA. The minimum for a 10 year veteran is far different from the minimum salary for a rookie. The minimum rookie salary in the 2010 - 2011 season is set at $473,604 USD. View the related link below for more information.

What are the maximum n minimum salary of a streetballer basketball?

salary roughly between $30k and $80k on average, not much compared to their NBA counterparts

What is the NBA veterans minimum salary?

$1.2 million/year

What is NBA first round draft pick minimum salary?


How much does a basketball player make in Germany's pro b?

In Germany, pro players don't get paid as much in the NBA, because there is not as much money to command from. They are paid 75% of the minimum NBA salary in beer.

How match is the salary of NBA ball boy?

Minimum wage plus tips.

How much money do you get when you are in the NBA?

The average player gets about 5 million a season ANSWER A full year minimum salary is around $432,000

What is the minimum salary for an NBA rookie?

Under the current collective bargaining agreement, a rookie in the NBA will earn $507,336. In his second year, he'll earn a minimum of $816,482.

How much does a ballboy get on the nba?

Minimum Wage

What is a normal salary for an NBA player?

too much...

How much money does a professional basketball player make?

The current average NBA salary of $6.2 million for this season is tops across all sports.The minimum NBA player rookie salary for the 2017-2018 season is $815,615 for the year.The highest NBA player salary for the 2017-2018 season is Steph Currry at $34,682,550 for the year.Players playing in Europe typically make less than those on NBA rosters.

Who is the lowest paid sports player?

There are many players that are tied for the lowest salary. For example the minimum salary a player in the nba is paid is around $400,000. In every sport many players are payed the minimum.

How much money do NBA executives make?

There is no estimate given for the average salary of all NBA executives. The average annual salary for an NBA General Manager is $1.4 million.

What is the NBA minimum wage?

what is the minimum wage of the nba

How much of Dennis ROdman's NBA salary did he have deferred?


How much is minimum wage for salary in NCR?


How much the minimum salary?

The minimum salary varies a lot, from one country to another - and from one region to another within some countries.

How much is minimum salary in Romania?

The minimal salary in Romania is approx. 180 euros/month.

What is the salary for an NBA Director of Scouting?

The average salary for an NBA Director of Scouting is $130,250 annually. The average salary of an NBA player is $5.15 million.

How much sallory minimum in kuwait?

The minimum salary in Kuwait is 4,800 KWD per annum.