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How much money are the Raiders trying to pay the first draft pick?

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2007-08-16 02:52:46

Calvin Johnson, the #2 overall pick in the draft, signed a six

year deal for $64 million with $27.2 million guaranteed. Obviously,

Russell's agent wants more than that. And they want the money in

the form of an option bonus, which would not allow the Raiders to

recoup any of the money should Russell retire or gets in trouble

ala Michael Vick. The option bonus is simply that the player

receives bonus money if the team picks up the option on the player

to play the next season. In most cases, it gives the team a smaller

hit against the salary cap. There has been talk that both sides

have agreed on $30 million in bonus money, however, the Raiders

want to be responsible for the payment only if Russell plays or is

injured. Russell's agents want the money guaranteed regardless of

whether Russell also retires early, is cut due to lack of

performance or gets in trouble. This whole thing makes no sense ...

Russell has already bought a house in Oakland and one must wonder

whether responsibility for the holdup lies with the Raiders or

Russell's agents.

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