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In 2009 he became the world's first billionaire sportsperson. He has probably made a good bit over that now.

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What did Tiger Woods do?

He doesn't do anything for a job. He plays golf for a career. You can get money playing pro golf.

Who is the richest man from sports?

Currently, Tiger Woods has won the most money from playing golf.

What age did Tiger Woods start playing golf?

Tiger Woods is seen video playing golf well at about the age of two or three. He was competing in golf tournaments at the age of six.

What age tiger wood start golf?

Tiger Woods Started Playing Golf at Eleven Months Old.

What is the profession of Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is a professional golf player. Tiger has been playing golf since he was only 2 years old and he has been a professional golfer since 1996.

How much money did Tiger Woods win at the 2009 Master Golf Tournament?

$242,813 http://sports.yahoo.com/golf/pga/players/Tiger+Woods/147/log

Who is famous and plays golf?

How about Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

Is Tiger Woods still playing for golf?

Yes, and I hope he does for years to come.

Does Tiger Woods own part of the golf channel?

Does tiger woods own part of the golf channel?

Which sport does Tiger Woods play?

Tiger Woods plays golf.

Where did Tiger Woods work when he was younger?

Tiger Woods did not work when he was younger. He was a child prodigy, and began playing the game of golf as early as age 2.

What inspired Tiger Woods to be a golfer?

Initially Tiger Woods started playing golf because his dad did. But it was probably Jack Nicklaus who inspired him to be achieve greatness.

Which althetle makes the most money?

Tiger Woods (golf) and Alex Rodriguez (baseball)

How much money did Tiger Woods earn in 2007?

According to Golf Digest, Tiger Woods made 122 million dollars in 2007 from winnings and endorsements.

What sport does the famous Tiger Woods play?

Tiger Woods plays professional golf.

I was playing golf at a golf course when Tiger Woods walked up to me and said that he is going to retire. Do you believe this?

No, Tiger Woods doesn't talk to the general public so I doubt he would tell you something like that.

What did Tiger Woods do for golf?

He made golf more popular.

Where can one find videos of the longest Tiger Woods golf swing?

This question is a bit hard to answer. There should be videos of Tiger Woods longest golf swings on YouTube or Metacafe. Tiger Woods has won about 17 World Golf Championships, so he is really good at golf!

Does Tiger Woods half sister golf?

Yes, she is called Royce Renee Woods, fathered by Tiger Woods' dad Earl Woods.

What is the 20Xi logo on Tiger Woods hat?

The 20Xi logo on the Tiger Woods hat is for golf balls. It is the logo for Nike 20XI Golf Balls.

The greatest golf player?

Tiger Woods is the best golf player

Who had the most money in sports?

I only know 2. LeBron James - Basketball Tiger Woods - Golf

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