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How much money does a UFC fighter make?

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The total disclosed payout was $1,199,000 - the largest total payout reported by the UFC to date. * Chuck Liddell - $500,000 * Georges St. Pierre - $160,000 * Wanderlei Silva - $150,000 * Matt Hughes - $100,000 * Lyoto Machida - $60,000 * Eddie Sanchez - $46,000 * Rameau Sokoudjou - $40,000 * Rich Clementi - $28,000 * Dean Lister - $22,000 * Manny Gamburyan - $20,000 * James Irvin - $16,000 * Roan Carneiro - $10,000 * Melvin Guillard - $10,000 * Tony DeSouza - $7,000 * Mark Bocek - $6,000 * Nate Mohr - $6,000 * Soa Palelei - $5,000 * Jordan Radev - $5,000 * Luis Cane - $5,000 * Doug Evans - $3,000 Technorati Tags: Chuck Liddel, Fighting, Georges St. Pierre, Matt Hughes, MMA, Money, Salaries, UFC, UFC Payouts, Wanderlei Silva

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How much money does a new ufc fighter make?

A six figure contract I think.

How much do UFC fighters get for a title fight?

The minimum a fighter can make for a title fight in the UFC is $40,000.

How much does a UFC fighter make for each fight?

Depending on their contract, a UFC fighter makes between $3000 to $3 million per fight.

How much does the average UFC fighter make per fight?

needs update

How much would a ufc fighter make a year?

depending on the person... i swear

Who would win a UFC fighter or a sumo?

ufc fighter

Could a street fighter become a UFC fighter?

Kimbo Slice was a street fighter and has become a UFC fighter.

Heaviest UFC fighter?

the heivest ufc fighter is Sean gannon

How much money does UFC make?

in 2008 the ufc grossed a little over 220 million dollars

Richest UFC fighter?

The Richest UFC fighter, in terms of earnings from the UFC, is Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell according to UFC president Dana White.

Who would win a sumo or a UFC fighter?

ufc fighter definetely a sumo wrestler

How much money do ufc fighters make a year?

Enough to party

How much does a welterweight UFC fighter weigh?

The maximum weight allowance for a welterweight fighter in the UFC is 170 lbs. with a one pound allowance for non-title fights.

How much money does a UFC fighter make for a win?

Well it depends on who the fighter is but now ill give Jon Jones as the example he'll get paid in between 100k - 200k for winning but most of the Ufc's money come from sponsors which would round up to 600k for Jon Jones

How much money is taxed from UFC winnings?

All of it. All the money earned from UFC is considered an income for the fighter and hence taxed accordingly as per the prevailing tax laws in the United States of America. The tax treatment for a UFC fighter earning $100,000 per year would be the same as the tax treatment for a guy working in a bank and earning the same $100,000.

Shortest UFC fighter?

Currently, the shortest fighter in the UFC is John Lineker. He stands 5'2".

What WWE brock lesnar is doing as profession?

He is now a UFC fighter. He is now a UFC fighter.

How much does a average UFC fighter make from 1 fight?

The average is around $30,000 but can range from around 4,000 to 250,000

How much money does UFC fighters make a year?

Depends on their wins/contract.

What does W-L-D mean in UFC?

W = how much Wins the fighter has had in there careerL = how much Lose's the fighter has had in there careerD = how much Draws the fighter has had in there career

Who was the oldest UFC fighter who was the oldest UFC fighter?

The oldest fighter ever to participate in a UFC event was Ron Van Clief, who fought in UFC 4 at age 51. Van Clief lost his only UFC fight by submission to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist Royce Gracie.

What happened to ufc fighter Thiago Silva?

The UFC fighter Thiago Silva is in jail. He is in jail for making threats to his wife.

How much do non UFC mma fighters make?

In short - not as much as their UFC counterparts. UFC is the biggest MMA promotion in the world and the fighters there get paid nicely. The newer guys may not make as much money as the established names, but a talented fighter can easily earn a six digit salary with the UFC every year. The other MMA promotions may not pay as much. Fighters usually earn a few thousand dollars per fight and getting a 5 digit pay out for a fight is a big deal in smaller promotions.

How much money do UFC doctors make?

my friend is a doctor in las vegas who has done a ufc show and he said he made 12,000 before taxes

Is nacho man a UFC fighter?