Mia Hamm

How much money is Mia Hamm making?

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play soccer and has her own mia hamm foundation that raises money for bone marrow research. (go hamm is a wonderful person overall!

she made about 57 million dollars a year!

Mia Hamm play soccer. That is what role Mia Hamm played.

Mia Hamm is from the U.S.A.

Click on the 'Mia Hamm Bio' link on this page to read all about Mia Hamm.

Professional Soccer player, Mia Hamm is not gay. She is married. Many people talk much about Mia Hamm but they actually don't know anything about her. She has a warm and loving heart!

No Mia Hamm has retired long ago, she wanted a family life and she made a lot of money and fame.

mia hamm studyes soccer

no mia hamm doesn't have bangs

making the empire state building from scratch

Mia Hamm was born in Selma, Alabama

Mia Hamm did ballet when she was 1234567 to 9876543

Mia runs the Mia Hamm Foundation and is the cofounder of Athletes for Hope

Mia weighs about 125lbs. she has a very healthy weight.

Mia Hamm was born on March 17, 1972.

Mia Hamm studied political science

mia hamm is famous for dribbiling 1 on 1

Mia Hamm wore number 9.

mia hamm is the youngest. she started at1 5

mia hamm had a dog named max

was mia hamm good as a student

Yes Mia Hamm had a dog named Max.

No, Jon Hamm is not related to Mia Hamm. Mia Hamm has five brothers and sisters. There names are Martin, Caroline, Tiffany, Lovdy and Garrett. (Garrett was adopted) Mia is the youngest. She was born on March 17, 1972.

The Mia Hamm Foundation was created after he brother Garret died in 1997 from Aplastic Anemia. The foundation is used to raise money for people who need bone marrow transplants and also to raise bone marrow awareness.