How often are children murdered?

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Over 7,000 children are injured or killed due to ONLY gun violence.
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Why does an abusive boyfriend often kill himself after he's murdered his girlfriend?

People who are abusive to their spouse and children (this can include women) are well aware of who they are and what they have done and still can do. Abusers are like a runaway locomotive and can't control their emotions. In most cases they have been brought up in an abused family, but the odd time ( Full Answer )

Is there a book about the murders of Terry Lee Chasteen and her 3 children?

Answer There is a book about the murders of Terry Lee Chasteen and her 3 children, which were comitted by Steven Timothy Judy. The book is titled "Burn, Judy, Burn" and was written by a reporter who covered Judy's trial. It is a difficult book to find and the copies that are available are usuall ( Full Answer )

What do Romanian children often do on Christmas?

Romanian kids like decorating the Christmas tree. They used to make some of the decorations themselves, but nowadays most are plastic and bought at the supermarket. During Christmas season, some children gather in groups and sing carols, especially in the rural areas (city folk don't seem to like ( Full Answer )

How often is murder committed?

I can't find it at the moment, but there were somewhere around 17,000 murders in the U.S. last year. Based on that, there are about 46 murders a day on average in the U.S.

Can children be charged with murder?

A minor can be charged with murder. It is even possible that they will charged as an adult. Most states will not allow criminal charges against a child that is 12 or younger. It is generally beleived that they do not have the mental capacity to understand the results and cosequences of their actions ( Full Answer )

How often do most dads of young children go out with the guys?

I am looking for the same answer. I have a 15 month old little girl and her father and I aruge because he feels as though he can call me at work or email me at 4:00 and tell me he is going out after work at 6:00. I don't find it fair at all and it doesnt sit well with me. I think parents do need tim ( Full Answer )

Why are children often more imaginative than adults?

When you are an adult you lose your energy soo..... when you are a child you have more energy than what you do when your grown up....and starting puberty.. Adults have learned to 'conform' to what society expects. This has a negative affect on creativity and imagination. They are also more self con ( Full Answer )

How many children were murdered in the Holocaust?

1.5 million children were murdered during the Holocaust. Including over a million Jewish children and tens of thousands of Romani (Gypsy) children German children with physical and mental disabilities living in institutions, Polish children, and children residing in the occupied Soviet Union. The ch ( Full Answer )

What do most children in Romania often do on Christmas night?

There is a old tradition of caroling. Children, in groups of 2-10,go from door to door and sing Christmas carols, such as STEAUA SUSRASARE (The star appears) or ASTAZI S_A NASCUT CHRISTOS (TodayChrist was born), and others. They usually sing the whole song andreceive symbolic gifts such as cookies o ( Full Answer )

Shall Muslims who murder women and children go to heaven?

Anyone whole kills an innocent, will not go to heaven. (Accidential kill is different, this is for intentional attempt) It is not allowed in Islam to kill any innocent whether a child or women or anyone, killing one innocent human is like killing whole humanity and saving ones life is like saving w ( Full Answer )

What punishment for children who commit murder?

It can depend on the age of the minor when they committed the murder. They could be sentenced to juvenile detention to be served behind bars until they reached their 21st birthday. If the juvenile was old enough (e.g.: in their teens) the court could decide to bind them over for trial as an adult an ( Full Answer )

Are women who murder their children treated differently than men who kill their children?

Actually studies show from different sources that women kill their children more often than men do. The cases are handled in various ways but the outcome is still the same: if one is convicted of killing a child he or she will be sentenced to life in prison, or even execution. Cases are not generall ( Full Answer )

Why do children murder?

All children murderers have one thing in common. Their father was either always drunk, in jail, or never there for them . The newsmedia enjoys making it seem that child murderers do it for the attention. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson are two of the youngest murderers in history. Both had poor ( Full Answer )

Did children in 1913 vomit more often?

An odd question, but in my opinion, and I've been working in the medical field for 15 years now, I would say they did. Children back in 1913 were more prone to childhood diseases such as the flu, polio, and meningitis. Their dairy products and meat also spoiled if they didn't have what they call ( Full Answer )

How often does someone make a mistake in a murder investigation?

Not very often and certainly nowhere near as often as the popular media would lead one to believe. Because of their usual high profile they are invstigated fully and for the most part carefully. Once law enforcement is through with the case it is sent to the prosecutor's office who also looks it ove ( Full Answer )

What weapons are used most often to commit murder?

Cheese knives are the most common weapon used as it is easy to make it look like an accident. Often people who eat cheese are intoxicated on red wine or port and so the cheese knife is highly regarded in the 'Silent Assassin's Guidebook' published by Penguin in 1967

Does c murder have children and a wife?

Corey Miller aka C Miller (formerly known as C Murder) is not married. He has three daughters: Courtney, Chelsey and Chanel. They live in Houston, Texas with his ex-wife. He is currently not engaged!

Why do children become murderers?

Very good question and I don't think there is a simple easy answer to it. I have had children in my classroom who seemed to have a predisposition to violence and it is hard to figure out why. There are many possible causes for a child to act this way and for each there is a different reason.

Did constatine murder his wife and children?

Constantine the Great was best known for being the first Christian Roman Emperor.More importantly he was instrumental in stopping the persecution of Christians and in effect making Christianity the state religion of the Empire. In 326AD he had his son, Crispus and his wife, Fausta killed. Not a ( Full Answer )

Was Darren Routier involved in the murders of two of his children?

Of course anything is possible but it's hard to believe that 2 murders and one 'maybe' assault could have happened without him knowing when he was just upstairs. Not only was his wife Darlie acting strangely, but Darren was also. When question by police immediately after the murders, he was braggin ( Full Answer )

How often should children hold rabbits?

Young children should never hold rabbits. They can sit beside the rabbit and pet it gently, if they like. Older, responsible children may hold rabbits once they have been shown how by a knowledgeable adult. Most rabbits don't like being picked up or handled. If they don't like it, don't do it. How ( Full Answer )

What do children often do when Christmas comes?

They go with friends to their family and neighbors to sing carols and Christmas songs and to announce the the birth of Jesus Christ. They sing "Steaua sus răsare"; "Domn, domn, să-nălţăm"; "Florile dalbe" and other carols. This is a very beautiful tradition.

How many children have been murdered in the US?

That's terrible! Why would you ask that? A lot of children have been murdered in the U.S., though. Out of 100,000, about 1.8 children under 14 is murdered. From 14-17 years old, the number ascends to 6.4 per. 100,000. Source: FBI

Do Murderers often kill again after they get out of prison?

After being arrested the first time in 1975, Ted Bundy escaped twice from county jails and continued to murder women after the second escape, eventually being arrested in 1978. Arthur Shawcross killed two children in 1972 and was imprisoned for those murders until 1987. In 1988 he started killing ag ( Full Answer )

What kind of infections do adenoviruses often cause in children?

most often cause acute upper respiratory infections with fever and runny nose. Adenovirus types 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 are responsible for most of these infections. Occasionally more serious lower respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia, may occur

How often should an children bathe?

Children should use a warm wash cloth to wash their faces, privates, and visible dirt daily. Then, twice a week, they should take a bath and wash their hair. In the bath, they should also wash their feet.

Why were the children of American soldiers in Vietnam often abandoned?

After the war ended (1975) they were considered 'half breeds' racially during a time when the Communists had full control of the country, and anything western or American was seen by the government with disdain. Many were able to escape to Australia, Europe or America as political refugees.

Why did Christians believe that Jews murdered Christian children?

Answer 1 I doubt if they actually believed the blood-libels. These were simply an excuse to kill and rob Jews. The earliest-known blood libel is found in the writings of the Graeco-Egyptian anti-Semitic author Apion, who claimed that Jews sacrificed Greek victims in the Holy Temple. In the fifth ( Full Answer )

How often should children visit the optometrist?

The frequency of the visits or how often depends on the child's health. In most average cases every year or two years is the best time to have the child see the optometrist.

Why do children often struggle with math in school?

There are many different reasons why children struggle with math in school. Some children are better at language and the creative subjects while others are better at hard facts and scientific or math subjects. How the child perceives each category may affect their ability or desire to learn more a ( Full Answer )

Why are children often afraid of the dark?

According to psychologists, children normally do not feel a sense of comfort in the dark. Children are normally afraid of 'monsters' and other childlike imaginary figures.

Why do parents who are abusive to their children often not receive the proper punishment?

In most countries, people are innocent until they are proved guilty. Child abuse can often be difficult to prove if there isn't much verifiable evidence from medical professionals or external reliable witnesses. There are difficulties in gathering accurate statements from children, especially if ( Full Answer )

How often should you buy your children new footwear?

Occasionally checking that your child's shoes are still comfortable is key to seeing if your child needs new shoes. Also, looking for worn areas or stressed seams is a sign that your child is outgrowing their shoes and needs a larger size.