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Mamie Johnson is now 74 years old.

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How old is Mamie Johnson now?

Mamie Johnson is now 74 years old.

How old is mamie peanut Johnson?


Who did Mamie Johnson marry?

Mamie Johnson Married a very old dude named Charlotte Johnson. They lived happily ever after and are still alive today. they got married in 2012.ok.bye

What year did Mamie Peanut Johnson die?

Mamie "Peanut" Johnson is still alive.

Where was Mamie peanut Johnson born?

Mamie''Peanut'' Johnson was born in Long Branch,New Jersey

Where does Mamie Johnson live?


What religion is mamie Johnson?


Was mamie Johnson married?

Mamie Johnson was an American baseball player, knowing to be one of the first female pitchers in the U.S. It is unknown if she was married.

How did mamie peanut Johnson die?

Mamie Peanut Johnson is still alive today. She did not die. she didnt she works @ a baseball store in Maryland

Was mamie Johnson good with education?

Mamie was outstanding with her education she even cared for her kids education

Who is Mamie Johnson's father?

Mamie Johnson is the daughter of Gentry Harrison and Della Belton Havelow.

Did mamie Johnson have kids?

his name was Charlie

Where does Mamie Johnson live now?

Washington D.C.

When was mamie peanut Johnson born?

September 27,1935

When did mamie Johnson get married?

a few days ago

How many siblings did Mamie Peanut Johnson have?


When did mamie Johnson die?

She is still alive. She married a Person by the name of Charlotte Johnson.

How old is Mamie Gummer?

Mamie Gummer is 28 years old (birthdate: August 3, 1983).

Did Mamie Peanut Johnson ever get married?

She married Charles Johnson and had one son named Charlie.

Does Mamie Peanut Johnson have any type of sickness?

no i do not think so.

How old is Mamie Eisenhower?

Mamie Eisenhower was born on November 14, 1896 and died on November 1, 1979. Mamie Eisenhower would have been 82 years old at the time of death or 118 years old today.

When did Mamie Johnson meet author Michelle Green?

She was in her shop, and Michelle Green was buying a t-shirt, Mamie asked if she wanted it signed, and Michelle figured out it was her.

When did Mamie Peanut Johnson die?

According to the Negro Leagues Baseball Players Association website, Mamie Johnson is very much alive and currently runs the Negro League's Memorabilia Shop in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

How old is Mamie Van Doren?

Mamie Van Doren is 86 years old (born Joan Olander, February 6, 1931).

What is Mamie Johnson famous for?

Mamie Johnson was one of three women to play in the Negro League, the other two being Connie Morgan and Toni Stone. According to, Mamie, who was born September 27, 1935 currently manages the Negro Baseball League's Memorabilia Shop in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

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