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How old was Tiger Woods when he first beat Bob Hope?

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Tiger Woods' return from knee surgery was the first round of WGC Accenture Matchplay. Which was on 25th February 2009. He beat Brendan Jones 3 and 2.

The 2005 Masters went to a play-off. Tiger Woods beat Chris DiMarco by one shot on the first play-off hole.

Tiger Woods lists on his website that he was inspired by his parents and Nelson Mandela. He did however try and beat all Jack Nicklaus' records.

Tiger Woods always tried to beat the records of his idol Jack Nicklaus. And like all of us he looked up to his mum and dad.

yes he was the first person to win. he even beat tiger woods

Trevor John Immelman was the winner of this tournament.

beat him with a golf club like tiger woods wife

He beat everyone else at golf. You don't get discovered in golf. You pay your own way into tournaments.

Any top tier golfer can when at any given tournament given the correct circumstances..

tiger can beat a cheetah

Too many to name. When he wins a tournament he has beaten 155 other players!

The lakers in the world series last year after they beat Tiger Woods.

yes an eagle can beat a tiger

Tiger on Beat was created in 1988.

Tiger Beat was created in 1965.

Here are the ones I know: Tiger Beat M J-14 Bop (it's by the same editor of Tiger Beat) Popstar Twist Quizfest Hope I helped

yes a Siberian tiger can beat a leopard

if the dog is an adult or older it could beat up a tiger but if the tiger is older or the same age the dog wont be able to beat up the tiger

Its Pink Its In The Tiger Beat Magazine The March Issue!!:) Hope This Helped:)

Tiger Beat is a popular magazine that has been around since about the mid 1980's. Tiger Beat is aimed at pre teens and teenagers.

The 2008 US Open was held at Torrey Pines, Tiger Woods beat Rocco Mediate in a playoff.

Tiger. No human can beat a tiger.

He beat Gregory Havret by one shot, Ernie Els by two shots and Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson by three shots. Or he beat the other 155 players in the field.

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