Soccer History
Decade - 1940s

How popular was soccer in the 1940s?

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It was very popular just like right now. Even after the World War II, people got right back to soccer.

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What is the difference between soccer in the 1940s and soccer of now?

Soccer in the 1940s was Bord but now thre's more fun. "And better soccer balls".

What was the most popular sport in the worldduring the 1940s 50s and 60s?

World=Soccer United States=Baseball

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When did afros become popular?

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Where is soccer is least popular?

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How popular is soccer in Wales?

Soccer is very popular in Wales.

Is soccer popular in Italy?

Yes, Soccer is popular in Italy and it is popular throughout all of Europe.

What sports did the danish people play in the 1940s?

The nation sport of Denmark is football(soccer) The nation sport of Denmark is football(soccer)

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the most popular pass in soccer is the push pass.

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Answersoccer soccer soccer

What is the most popular sport in Latin America?

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