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How tall is the NBA hoops?

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10 Feet

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How tall are college basketball hoops?

They are as tall as NBA hoops. They are 10 ft tall.

How much is a nba hoops Reggie Lewis card worth?


Why are your 1989 NBA hoops cards yellow?

some 1989 nba hoops that are yellow are actually yellow sears cardco version.

How high are the basketball hoops at an NBA game?

Basketball hoops that the NBA use are ten feet high; however, basketball hoops on playgrounds and other places as such are shorter. Basketball ball hoops can also be bought in adjustable sizes.

Are NBA hoops double rim?

No, NBA hoops are single rimmed . The indoor hoops for anywhere whether its at school or basketball court or anyplace you can play indoor basketball are normally single rimmed.

How wide are NBA basketball hoops?

18 inches

How tall is the basketball goal on the high school court?

all regulation hoops are 10 ft for middle school, high school, college, and the NBA

What is the value of Sidney moncrief's nba hoops 1990?

The value of Sidney Moncrief's 1990 NBA Hoops card is worth anywhere from $0.13 to a few dollars, depending on its condition.

How tall are proffesional basketball hoops?

Pro Basketball hoops are 10 feet tall, in inches they are 120 inches

How do you throw alley hoops on NBA 2k8 xbox360?

LT A is how to do a alley opp in NBA 2k8

How much are NBA hoops cards worth?

they are worth $1,000,000

What is the bonus code on nba hoop troop?

hoops and hoop

What is the value of the 1990 Larry Bird NBA Hoops 356 Basketball Card worth?

how much is a 1991 Michael Jeffrey jordan Most valliable player NBA HOOPS card

What is the bonus code in nba hoop troop arena to get everything?

hoops and hoop. hoops get u 300 and so does hoop

Value of a horace grant 1991 nba hoops card?


What is the value of a chris webber rookie of the year card?

Nba hoops

Are the rims of the nba basketball hoops metal?

yes they are made from metal

Nba hoops 1990 irvin Johnson jr?

about 65 cents

Is there a microphone on basketball hoops for NBA?

There may be according to the center it is played on.

What is the value of a 1991 Larry Bird NBA hoops card?

not much

How much is Byron Scott NBA hoops card worth?


What is the value of a 1991 James worthy nba hoops card?


What is the NBA hoop troop bonus code for pavilion?

hoops & hoop

How much is a Sam Mitchell NBA hoops card worth?


What is all the bonus code on nba hoop troop?

hoops and hoop

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