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This is a personal preference. The tighter the strings are the more control you have, and the looser the strings are the more power you have. Basically, you want somewhere in between, not too tight, but not too loose either.

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A tennis racquet is not a simple stick. It has a handle and a tight mesh across a circular frame that is used to hit the tennis ball back and forth.

Tight strings give better accuracy. There is less bounce in the strings, so less trampoline effect, making your shot more accurate, but less powerful.

The strings on a classical guitar should be strung very tight, this helps with the tuning and also the playing of the instrument. but it can also increase the chance of a string snap.

Bass guitar strings should be tightened to the point where they are in tune. This generally doesnt require an incredibly tight wind, but there definitely will be a certain amount of tension when properly tuned.

Yes. If they're not tight the ball will get caught and will be over or under shot at your target

No this is not true. Having a racquet strung tight does have an overall effect on how the racquet plays, but to say it will make it harder to serve is simply not true. Tighter strings can reduce the power potential of a tennis racquet but if the player has superb technique he/she may need to have the racquet strung tighter in order to maintain control on their serve.

not too tight where they break thats crucial , just make sure the guitar is in tune otherwise you risk breaking them

I recently asked myself that same question and I think that they are from the tools that they use to pull the string tight and it wont affect the string at all.

Short tight strings vibrate at a higher frequency than long loose strings

The strings need to be long enough so that it can be stretched tight enough to produce the proper sound.

because its strings are tight so it makes the violin high

They should be snug, as in tight but not tight to the point you feel uncomfortable.

it strengten your body,, your legs or muscles on legs and your arms as you hold tight the racket and try to hit the shuttlecock

The accordion does not have strings. The banjo has a tight skin that vibrates with the strings. The ukulele uses the thin wood for the vibration.

I would use 11-54's for Drop C tuning. That way it should still feel as tight as strings in standard tuning and it won't (or shouldn't) cause any problems with your neck or bridge.

booty shirts and tight belly shorts are typical.

Create yourself a workable budget and stick to it.

You might not have tight grip of a racket or something and could fly out of your hand and hit someone in the face

it should be pretty tight, but no so tight that it stretches it

Strings too tight. Poor storage conditions. Low quality instrument?

Head- The head of the racket is the broad circular area housing the string/wire.Stringed Area- Located inside the head. The wires are pulled and under enough tension to stay tight. This is the are you want to hit the shuttlecock/birdie with.Throat- Also somtimes called the T Joint, this connects the head to the shaftShaft-The long rod connected to the throat and handleHandle- Also known as the Grip. The handle is the area you holdFrame- The frame is a combination of the Handle, Shaft, Throat and Head. Imagine the racket without the strings and plastcs.

The strings of an instrument are taught thus when bent they take in force. When they are released the potential energy transforms to kinetic. the strings want to move back into the position that is the least tight. They release their energy in movement and sound.

depending on the the individual gauges of the six (6) guitar strings ie: E, A, D, G, B, E, of course the guitar string that is long and loose produces the lowest pitch... A good example of this are the strings on a mandolin or a 'banduria' which has shorter strings compared to the strings on the guitar...because the mandolin/banduria strings are shorter and tighter, it produces higher pitch... "short and tight=higher pitch......long and loose=lower pitch"

because it has STRINGS and freats.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------String instruments have strings stretched over a box or board. The violin, guitar and banjo are string instruments. Sound is made by plucking the strings. (The piano is a percussion instrument because its strings are struck.)The pitch of these instruments depends on the length, thickness and tightness of the strings. The longer the string, the fewer the vibrations and, therefore, the lower the pitch.Tight, thin strings make sounds with high tones. Loose, thick strings make lower tones.

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