How was badminton unlike other raquet sports?


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Shuttlecocks make Badminton unique - a shuttle's unique aerodynamic properties make a huge variety of shots and tactics possible.

Feather shuttlecocks in particular will fly straight for some distance without losing much height, and then suddenly start to descend almost vertically.

This makes it possible to hit a hard and fast clear over your opponent's head but still have it fall safely inside the court. This degree of control leads to furious rallies that utilize every inch of the court.

The speed which shuttlecocks can be hit also makes badminton unique - the fastest smash hit in a match was a thunderous 332kph (206mph), much faster than any shot hit in tennis or squash. This smash record was set by Fu Haifeng of China.

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badminton is not so popular, as it is only a minority sport. in America very few people watch badminton or even know that the badminton us open existed!!! the reason for badmintons unpopularity is because of the lack of media attention. other sports such as football have mass media attention daily, always keeping in everybodys eyes, promoting the sport. badminton however has hardly any coverage, even for tournaments.AnswerThis is only true in North America maybe in US since most of the popularity are focused in the big sports such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc... And it's true if you measure how many people actually watch such events related to those sports. In other countries such as in Asia badminton is a lot more popular. There are millions of millions of people playing badminton every day in Korea/China and other Asian countries and many popular players also.I think it goes the same thing in Europe as well...I just got some stat and it says badminton is the most popular sport next to soccor in the world!Real AnswerBadminton is the second most played sport in the world next to soccer. Over 220 million people play Badminton. Over 20 million Americans play Badminton. The sports origins date back 3000 years. (So I wouldn't class Badminton as a "minority sport"). Supported real answer:Yeah so stfu answerer #1

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