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by removing s

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How can you make seven an even number?

No you can not

How do you make a seven number even?

You don't.

How you can make number seven even?

Add 1

How do you make the number seven even?

Is this suppose to be a joke? You can take away the "S" from seven, now it is even. IN math you would minus 1 or subtract 1 to make it an even number. even numbers are 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16... . Double it.

How can you make seven even without adding or subtracting a number?

multiply seven by 2 which is fourteen

How can you make the number seven even?

Old riddle. "Take away the S"

Is the number 247 odd or even?

It is odd. Look at the last number. It is a seven. Seven is an odd number.

What number is not an even number 6 and 7?

Six (6) is the even number and seven (7) is the odd number.

How can you make seven even?

You take out the "S" of the word seven and it would say Even

Is 7 a odd number or even number?

seven is an odd number

How can you make the letter seven even?

first off 7 is a number not a letter and second off it is odd and will never be even. first off 7 is a number not a letter and second off it is odd and will never be even.

Why does eleven become so angry with seven?

Eleven become so angry with seven because eleven is an odd number but when seven wants to make out with him and add into him eleven becomes eighteen that is an even number and he gets angry over that.

Is seven a even or odd number?

It is odd.

Is sixty seven an odd or an even number?

67 is an odd number

What makes an even number?

If it can be divided by 2 with no remainder then it is an even number.

Is seven-hundered-ten an odd or even number?


What is the smallest seven digit even number?


How do you make 7 even?

This is a joke-- remove the s from "seven" and you get "even".

How do you make the number seven?


How do you make seven even?

Kick off the s

Seven even number between 80 91?


Is four over twenty-seven an irrational number?

No. And it is not even an irrational number!

Is seven odd or even?

seven is 0dd only even number can be divided by two like 2,4,6,8,10,10 and so on odd numbers are 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 and so on

What name of an odd number changes to an even number when the first letter is taken away?


What is the largest seven digit even number?

take away the s