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No. All Irrational Numbers are real, not all real numbers are irrational.

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What is a real number is also irrational number?

Every irrational number is a real number.

What real number is also irrational?

All real numbers are irrational. For example, Pi is an irrational number that is a real number. Other irrational numbers can be the square root of an imperfect square.

Is every Real number an irrational number?

No, a real number could also be a rational number, an integer, a whole number, or a natural number. Irrational numbers fall into the same category of real numbers, but every real number is not an irrational number.

Can 5.85 be a irrational?

A rational number cannot also be irrational. A real number is either rational, or it is irrational.

What is an example of a real number that is also an irrational?

The square root of any positive, non-square number will be both real and irrational.

Is 3pi a rational irrational natural whole integer or real number?

Since pi is an irrational number, then 3pi will be an irrational also.

Is an irrational number a real number?

An irrational number is any real number that cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers.So yes, an irrational number IS a real number.There is also a set of numbers called transcendental numbers, which includes both real and complex/imaginary numbers. Of this set, all the real numbers are irrational numbers.

Are real numbers rational and irrational?

The set of real numbers is divided into rational and irrational numbers. The two subsets are disjoint and exhaustive. That is to say, there is no real number which is both rational and irrational. Also, any real number must be rational or irrational.

Can a real number that is not a rational number is a?

A real number which is not a rational number is an irrational number.

Is an irrational number cannot be a real number?

Irrational numbers are real numbers.

Is every real number an rational number or irrational number?

Numbers are split into real and imaginary. Rational numbers are under the category: Real. Therefore all rational numbers are real. An irrational number is also real, but can not be expressed as a fraction.

Can an irrational numbers be a real number?

yes. an irrational number is any real number that is not a rational number

Is an irrational number plus an irrational number rational?

No. The sum of an irrational number and any other [real] number is irrational.

Is every irrational number a real number and how?

The set of real numbers is defined as the union of all rational and irrational numbers. Thus, the irrational numbers are a subset of the real numbers. Therefore, BY DEFINITION, every irrational number is a real number.

Is a real number always irrational?

Real numbers can be rational or irrational because they both form the number line.

What type of number is the square root of 50?

It is an irrational number, which means it is also a real number.

Does real number line correspond to an irrational number?

No. The real number line corresponds to rational AND irrational numbers.

What is the real number?

a real number is a number that can be rational or irrational

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