If a right-handed batter bunts down the first base line is it considered a drag bunt?

A batter attempts a drag bunt when he begins running while bunting the ball. Righthanded batters can do it, but it is easier for lefthanded hitters because they are closer to first base.


No, that would not be a drag bunt. If a right hander ever did a slap bunt they would have to take off running out of the batters box towards 3rd and drag it down the 3rd base line. Your question is a push bunt as you are "pushing" the ball away from you, rather then "dragging" it with you. The reason right handers don't "drag bunt" is because well 1 as mentioned above they would have to run towards 3rd if they did do it, but the main reason is because if they tried to run towards 1st as they are bunting, they would have to cross the path of the plate making it impossible to hit or bunt the ball. You will see right handers "walk the box" which is similar to what a left hander does on a drag bunt