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If a team shoots their technical foul on the wrong basket who gets the score?

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I am a high school Basketball official. Good Question. There is a rule on what to do if that situation arises. Rule 2-10 is about "correctable errors." It states that the officials may correct an error if a rule is inadvertently set aside and results in: a. Awarding of an unmerited free throws b. Failure to award an unmerited freethrow(s) c. Allowing the wrong player to shoot the free throws d. Allowing a player to shoot the free throws(s) at the wrong basket e. Erroneously awarding or canceling a score. You are interested in "D." Officials may correct this error (provided it is recognized during the first dead ball after the clock has properly started). No matter how many he/she made or missed at the wrong basket, the free throws are nullified and he/she shall shoot at the proper basket. During this, points scored, the time consumed and all related activity prior to the recognition of the error shall not be nullified; meaning if a team scored then the error is realized, that basket counts.

2016-10-29 07:02:18
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