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If team A who has the ball commits a technical foul after team B shoots who gets the ball back?


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Team B shoots the free throws and they still have possession.


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The opposing team shoots the technical foul free throw, then the player does whatever he would have done after he was fouled - either inbound the ball, or if the opposing team is in the penalty, shoot two free throws. Committing a technical foul does not nullify or offset the original foul.

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The team who just was fouled gets the ball at the free throw line, shoots the free throws, the the team who just shot the free throws gets the ball out of bounds close to where the foul happened. In example: Say you get pushed from the back at the top of the key. You will shoot two free throws, then you will get the ball straight across from where the foul took place, on the side lines. Under the basket technical fouls are under the basket out of bounds. There like a regular foul in where you take it out. Different in the free throws because no one is around you.

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When a player on the team with the ball commits a foul

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a small device that shoots the ball in the net once the real ball he shoots is out of the screen they us the device to shoot a different ball inType your answer here...

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Play on. The crossbar is on the field of play, therefore the ball never left the field.

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