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Throw the ball back to the pitcher. A batter can not advance on a dropped third if first base is occupied.

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On a dropped 3rd strike with the bases loaded can the catcher simply step on home plate or does he have to either tag the runner or throw to first base?

The batter is automatically out if there are fewer than two outs. If there are two outs, the catcher has to complete the play, but he can simply step on home for the force out.

With 2 outs and bases loaded batter swings at strike three catcher misses ball what is the call?

Its a live ball if the ball goes back to the backstop he can throw to first or if he blocks the ball he can step on home and get the runner out on third.

What must the softball catcher know in each play?

The catcher must know which bases are loaded, and where the next play will be. They have important role, because they're the only person in the infield that can see all of the bases. They must know where the lead runner is so they can make sure she doesnt get home.

What does loaded bases in softball mean?

bases loaded means that there is a runner on 1st base, a runner on 2nd base, and a runner on 3rd base, all of the bases.

If bases are loaded and batters swings and misses where do the runners go?

The runners stay on base unless: if it's strike 3, out 3, the inning is over and runners leave the field and switch to defense as long as the game isn't over; if it's a wild pitch and not strike 3, out 3, the runners can advance at their own risk; if it's strike 3 and not out 3 and the catcher fails to catch the ball, all runners (including the batter) can run to the next base

Do you get an RBI on a bases loaded walk?

Yes, the batter that walks in a run due to the bases being loaded will receive credit for a RBI.

Why did they call baseball baseball?

It was probably because of the loaded bases. Baseball is the only important sport with bases loaded and running to and away from the bases. Also, the ball is called the baseball.

When stealing home plate can the catcher jump in front of the plate to tag the runner?

YES the catcher is SUPPOSED to block the plate as long as he has the ball. if the batter swings and hits the catcher the runner would return to third and the batter awarded first base. If the bases were loaded the catchers interference would force the runner home.

What is the rule in girl's softball on a dropped third strike with the bases loaded?

If less than 2 outs the batter would be out because 1st base is occupied. If 2 outs then the batter and runners can advance. The catcher or fielder must make the out by retrieving the dropped ball at which point they can tag home, tag the batter or throw the ball to first to make the put out.

How many outs before a baseball team switches sides?

After three outs half of the inning is over and the teams switch sides. Well, that's true most of the time. However, if the catcher drops the ball on the third strike of the last out in an inning, the batter may attempt to steal first, and must be thrown or tagged out by the catcher (or the catcher can touch home base for the force-out in a bases loaded situation). So it is possible for a "side" to have four or more outs before the side is retired. This happens with a fair bit of regularity. It could be more than four if the final strike for the fourth out is also dropped by the catcher, and the runner safely gets to first. I don't know if this particular situation has ever come to pass in a MLB game.

Does a walk after a strikeout passed ball with bases loaded count as earned run?

The question is confusing, but I'll try to answer it. If a pitcher strikes out a batter but the ball gets past the catcher, both the batter and all base runners may attempt to advance to the next base. The batter must advance to first, thus he put out on a force play at first. All other base runners who must advance on this play (ie, someone on first, or those on first and second) can also be forced out at the base they must advance to. Thus, if the bases are loaded on such a play, all runners must advance, and the runner on third could also be forced out at home. It's because of this fact, that the batter may ONLY advance to first after a dropped third strike when there are no runner force outs possible OR there are two outs. Otherwise, a catcher would "accidentally" drop the ball on a third strike in order to get a double play. Thus, if the bases are loaded and there is a passed ball on a third strike, the batter is out UNLESS there are already two outs. In that latter case, all runners must advance to the next base. A force-out at any base -- including home -- would end the inning with no runs. If the batter and all runners reach base safely (ie, the runner on third comes home), that would be an UNearned run because a runner scored on a passed ball. It would be unearned if the runner on third scored on a passed ball after a third strike or not -- runs are unearned if they result from the play of a fielder instead of the pitcher. One last thing -- if a fielder's play SHOULD have resulted in a third out, but doesn't, then ALL subsequent runs in that inning are unearned. In the batter gets to first on a passed ball on a third strike that should have been the third out, and the next batter gets a home run, then both runs are unearned. If the bizarre scenario I noted above -- dropped third strike on a passed ball with bases loaded with everyone safe (which MUST happen with two outs) -- occurred, and the next batter walked (also with bases loaded) thus getting another run, then that second run would also be unearned.

Does a runner score from third base if bases are loaded and there is a catcher interference call?

Yes. The batter is awarded first base and all runners would be forced up a base allowing the runner from third to score.

If bases are loaded and the pitcher throws a wild pitch in retreiving the wild pitch the catcher catches the ball with his mask are the base runners automatically awarded 2 bases?

Any play on a ball with a hat, mask, throwing the glove, or using your jersey intentionally to field a ball shall be rewarded as 3 bases and it is a live ball -- so in your scenario.. all 3 runs would score, and the catcher could face an ejection the catcher picking the ball up with is mask is considered a balk and all the runners Will advance one (1) base

Who has the highest career batting average with the bases loaded?

Ichiro! NOT! Pat Tabler was 43 for 88 with the bases loaded, a .489 average. Ichiro was only at .403 as of 06/20/2013

Should you cover 2nd base if the bases are loaded?

Depends, If the game is almost over, and its a close came, then you should play infield in. However, if its early in the game, you should play your regular position.

What is a catcher in baseball?

As the name suggests, the catcher catches the balls thrown by the pitcher and prevents baserunners from stealing bases.

Does the catcher have to catch pitches or can he act as another infielder or outfielder when the bases are empty?

there are many reasons as to why the catcher has to be behind home plate and NOT play the infield or out field here are a few ...the catcher gives the signs to the pitcher ( what to throw)if theres no catcher the 3rd strike will be dropped ( the batter will take 1st easily)the cather will frame the ball ( make it look like a strike)Clarification:Actually the only fundamental reason you need a catcher behind the plate is --- if you do not, then nobody will be in the "catcher box" and this will be a balk on the catcher, meaning you pitcher can never throw a strike because every pitch will be illegal --- other then that you would probably really upset the Home Plate umpire. I guess if you wanted absolutely no chance of winning (because your pitcher cant get anyone out if every pitch is illegal), then you can stick your catcher wherever you want --- all the other things mentioned above is good too, but those are not THE REASON you cannot have a catcher, because even if your catcher doesnt do those things when he is behind the plate your team will be ok (i.e little league catchers dont do most those things)

If the bases are loaded and the force is at home plate are the other bases a force out?

Yes it is a forced out as long as you get them in order from 4,3,2,1

What happened in the Berlin Airlift?

plains were loaded at bases in west germany

What does the term the bags are juiced mean?

in baseball, it means that the bases are loaded.

If a balk occurs with bases loaded does the hitter advance to first base?

No. If a balk occurs with the bases loaded all three runners advance one base, however, the batter does not advance to first base.

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