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you must find a team who are the next level up and approach them and ask for a trial with them. ==You Should Try To Find A Team Who Is Like The Next Level Up And Try Out And If You Are As Good As You Think You Are You Will Make It.

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Q: If you are on a u-16 c3 girls soccer team and you know you are better than that how do you get to a higher level?
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Youth Premier Soccer is supposed to be a higher level of play, than select soccer.

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Rep soccer is a higher level of soccer for more talented players. It is two levels above house league and much more competitive. The players are required to 'try out' and the best will be offered a spot on the team. To play Rep soccer and maintain a position on the team, the players need to be committed and hardworking.

Highscoolcollege soccer level compared to European youth clubs i think i would be able to play for a highschool team dirictly because i think europeaen players have a higher level than Americans?

you would however American soccer has started to get a style of there own that is different from the European style.

Do elite soccer players automatically have higher levels of confidence?

No they do not, elite soccer is much harder than the lower levels of soccer. I am an elite soccer player,and alot of times i don't have that confidence, same with my other teammates; that's whyy your couach is gonna make you go through alot of drills to build up that confidence.In elite soccer you wont just automatically have a higher level of confidence. ( your couach and you teamates will help build up that confidence.) :D

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