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The answer depends on the shape of the pin and the distribution of mass within that shape.

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If you dropped out of high school are you still able to play pro basketball?

No, you do not have a chance to make the pros.But yes, someone could theoretically do that. Just like international players never go to high school or college here.

Can someone give you a presentation of themselves that could help you win a scholarship?

No not a chance.

Is there a chance someone could be pregnant if had a missed period harsh lower stomache pains and spotting?

Only if you had UNPROTECTED Sex, then there is a chance.

What does it mean when someone bends over in front of you?

It means that they want to have sex with you... ;D or, sometimes it could even mean that they dropped their pencil on the floor.. But if she picks it up in front of you...and then looks at you...then definitely she dropped it on purpose!

Why you should given a chance to join the company?

There are a great many reasons why someone should be given a chance to join the company. The could be excellent sales people for example.

How could you give yourself a second chance for someone who once had strong feelings about you and liked you a lot?

Make it up to them.

How do you get tickets to see G4 attack of the show?

you dont, the only chance you could get in there is to be friends with one of the hosts or the studio guys. best chance is to run into someone who works there and hope that they like you enough to invite you there. :)

What happens if you were cited for an accident in someone else's car but the charges were dropped but still the owner's insurance is saying you caused it?

if the ticket is dropped it doesn't necessarily change who is at fault for an accident........... if you want to expand this question to more detail i could possibly be of more assistance

How do you get shining Pokemon?

It is totally random; you have a 1 in 8000 chance of encountering one in the wild. Or, if you're facing a legendary, you could reset the game over and over again until you get one.

When will Elsword online be available in the Philippines?

Hopefully by the end of the year (low chance), or could be next year (decent chance), or could be never (high chance).

If a penny was dropped from the top of the Eiffel Tower could it kill someone below?

no it will not kill somebody because the penny would reach terminal velocity before it hit the ground.

What is the opposite of chance?

The opposite of chance could be planning, or destiny, or Providence.

What could happen if you ate a watermelon outdoors and dropped some seeds on the ground?

If you ate a watermelon outdoors and dropped some seeds a watermelon could grow if in the right conditions.

Your sister has hypogammaglobulinemia. Each month she gets more and more weak before her next transfusion. Is there a chance she could not make it to her next transfusion?

Of course! There is always a chance of someone not making it. It can happen to anyone.

Why your boyfriends acts different when he comes back from a trip?

he has either found someone new than he wishes he could hold on to but has no chance cause they are now seperated, or he could have "changed" while he was gone.

Chance use it in a sentence?

There is a chance that i could fail my exam. what is the chance of me beening famous one day.

Why is it important to comply with health and safety rules?

If you don't comply with the health and safety rules, you increase that chance that you or someone else will be hurt. You also increase the chance that your company could be fined for health and safety violations, or that you could be suspended or fired for putting the company and its employees at unnecessary risk.

Can a non loaded gun kill?

It could be used as a blunt object, or it might fall or be dropped from enough of a height it could kill someone by hitting them, but an unloaded gun won't kill someone by shooting them. All the same, you ALWAYS treat a gun as if it's loaded and keep it pointed in a safe direction.

How can you make someone prove their love for you?

Don't try. No test will satisfy you. Your demand could harm the relationship.Instead, learn to trust and to be trusted. It involves a risk, and you could get hurt, but it's better to take that chance than to risk not trusting someone who truly loves you.

If a penny was dropped from the top of the eifel tower could it kill someone below?

Yes, it will, BUT the eiffel tower has an invisible field about half way down, to stop such things as this happening. <3

Is there any chance of a child to achieve greatness if he is constantly made to feel bad by his parents?

It is unlikely but possible. Someone could pop into their life and become an inspiration. If their parents judge them a lot and make them feel terrible, depression could get in the way. But there is still a large chance they will grown up to be great.

Was arrested for marijuana Miranda rights not told can the charges be dropped?

If you were taken into custody with the intent to be interrogated then yes, the charges could be dropped.

What does it mean when a person says he was dropped on the head as a child?

It means he is not the smartest person ( or it could literally mean he was dropped on his head as a child).

Does that mean a guy like you if his friend pushes him to you?

It is possible that the guy could like you, but there is also a chance that you were a previous crush or someone he extremely dislikes(not to discourage you or anything).

What is the best way to come on to someone?

Be friendly and open to them, also nice. You should have a good conversation. If the conversation flows there is a chance you could start a healthy relationship with them.