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If you offensive rebound in the post can you take two steps and layup without dribbling?

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The easy answer is no. Once an offensive player gets a rebound, which usually means obtaining possession by coming down on two feet, they cannot take two steps and attempt another shot or pass. For more information the NBA rule book available at gives good detail in Section XIV-Traveling.

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Series of steps on how to do a layup?

you just do a layup man

What are a couple rules of basketball?

Well here are just a few - if a player fouls 5 times, they are taken out of the game - if you have the ball, you must dribble it when you are moving - you cannot stay in the key for more than 3 seconds - once you stop dribbling the ball, you have 5 seconds to pass it or shot it - you are allowed 2 steps without dribbling to jump up to shoot a layup (some referees allow 3 steps) Hope This helps!

What is a driving layup in basketball?

It's called a driving layup, nothing else.

How far is a layup from the basket?

A layup is when you are very close to the basket when you shoot the ball. I would say a player would be 3 feet or less from the basket when they shot a layup.

Do you have to dribble for a layup?


How do you perform a layup?

keep a stady pace as you head to the basket dribbling the ball,stop dribbling in enough time to take 1 to 1 1/2 steps to jump in the air as high as you can laying the ball gently off the glass backboard.You want to try to hit the top corner of the square at a angle that will let the ball drop thru the hoop.GO GET EM KID

How many steps for a layup allowed?

In basketball, you are allowed to take two (2) steps when going in for a layup.

How do you make a left hand layup if you are right handed?

I have trouble with the same thing, i mainly go with a right handed layup or a reverse left handed. To do a left handed layup is the same way to do a right handed layup but just with the other hand. May take awhile to get used to though.

Is energy needed in cellular respiration?

yes it is needed because without it oxygen cannot convert to a slam dunk or a reverse layup

Can you change direction while you are on layup?

When you are doing a layup, you go toward the basket. I'm sorry don't know what you mean.

Do you have to know how to do a layup to join a team?

If you are talking about playing basketball, it generally would be a good idea to know how to 'do' a layup. In basketball, the layup is one of the most important shots in the game because most points are scored that way.

Who started the layup?

Julius Erving

How do you use rondo layup in NBA?

it is very easy to use rondo layup,thats all you have to do is grip the ball and do a finger roll.................

What is a layup and why is it used?

a layup is a shot made right beside the basket. It is usually a running shot that is quickly released and banked off the backboard. It is used because it is a high percentage shot and it is an easy way to score when running toward the goal without having to slow down and shoot.

What is the most accurate shot in basketball?


What is the most frequent basketball shot?

A layup

Who invented the layup in basketball?

Yao Ming

How do you get the layup right the first time?

You cannot master the layup upon your first attempt. Layups are mastered after years and years of practice. The first year will help you get the basics down; the second year will help you perfect the right or left handed layup; the third, fourth, and fifth years will help you with layups from many different angles; and the sixth year and beyond will help you with the opposite handed layup.

What is the curved line on the floor under the basketball net used for?

it is a restricted area that defenders are not allowed to stand in to take a charge (or offensive foul). They are permitted to stand in the area, but if an offensive player charges into them or knocks them over it will be their fault (because they are standing under the basket, and the offensive player has the right to land on the floor after a layup/dunk/shot).

Why are basketball skills important in basketball?

If you want to make the winning layup, then you have to fake the guy out first, using dribbling skills. If you want to make the winning three pointer, then you have to be able to make it wide open in the gym, then try to have a guy guard you. The skills you practice play into your performance every single time.:)

Basic skill in basketball?

* Dribbling - Dribbling is a crucial skill in basketball. Learn how to control the ball at game speed and keep the ball away from the opposition. Staying low and keeping the ball at waist level will help you keep possession. Always dribble with your head up and look for your teammates. No double dribbling - when you have stopped dribbling the ball, you must either pass the ball to a teammate or take a shot. To check out some drills for improving your dribbling. * Passing - Passing is the best way to keep possession of the basketball and is a faster way of moving the ball up the court than dribbling. There are three main kinds of passes in basketball: the bounce pass, the chest pass and the overhead pass. * Shooting - If you can't shoot, then you won't score, so shooting is one of the most important basketball skills to develop. Learn the three basic shots: the layup, the set shot and the jump shot. * Pivot - Pivoting with the basketball alows you to change direction and look for a pass or shot. Remember not to move your pivot foot.

When do you use a layup in basketball?

You use it when you are close to the net.

How many points is layup shot?

2 points

Which shot is mostly taken on the run in basketball?

a layup.

What is the best way to score a basket in basketball?