If you toss a penny how do you think the coin will land heads or tails explain?


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there is even chance of having heads or tails since there is only 1 head and 1 tail on a penny.

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Two ways to think about it: 1: 25% both heads 50% one of each 25% both tails -or- 2: 25% heads/heads 25% heads/tails 25% tails/heads 25% tails/tails

The phospholipid bilayer. This consists of a double layer with hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails. the heads face outward and the tails face each other. Think of a sandwich. The slices of bread are the heads, the meat and dressing are the tails.

Just think about flipping a coin... the chances of it landing on tails is 50% and the chances of it landing on heads is 50%. So unless the coined is tricked, than it should be exactly 50% for both heads and tails.

I was stuck on this in biology class, too. Here's what I think to be the answer: The lipids have hydrophilic, which means water loving, heads, and hydrophobic, which means water hating, tails. So, all the heads face one way while all the tails face the other. If particles pass through the lipid bilayer, which is basically a bunch of those hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails, they must go through protein channels within the lipid bilayer. This is similar to a cell membrane, because cell membranes let certain things into the cell, but don't let other things.

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I think that we must have the same textbook because I had the same exact answer. What I found on page 115 was that in each phospholipid molecule, there is a head which is hydrophilic (loves water) and the tails of the molecule are hydrophobic (hate water). The structure allows them to form boundaries between two watery environments. The membrane is a phospholipid bilayer and what happens is that the hydrophilic heads are facing the water, while the tails are on the other side meeting other tails, and the heads are duplicated on the bottom.

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