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In World Football how much money does a professional earn?

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EPL the salaries are going through the roof, more Multi Billionaire owners. Ronaldo has new contract for $250,000 per week salary.. so that's $13 million per year just from Manchester United. Then add on the many endorsements he is on from Nike and various other deals. Robinho at Manchester City is reputedly on $12 million per year.

Formula 1 is the wealthiest sport in the world, EPL Football is fast catching up as is La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy. ALSO.. a Football players career average is 10 years in top division...AND they can transfer from one countries league to another, for example from the EPL to the Bundesliga in Germany. Contrast this with Gridiron as in NFL the average career length is 3 years, plus they have nowhere else to play as all Gridiron leagues folded (NFL Europe for example)

AnswerIt depends on how good you are. Most likely you get rich by endorsments such as Nike or Gatorade.

Ask Beckham

AnswerIn one sentence? Difficult. Rio Ferdinand, who plays for Manchester United is the most overpaid player at the moment on �150,000 A WEEK, in the UK, all five divisions are professional and some players in the lower end get only �20 per game but have to work for a living or claim benefits, so therefore thay're not really professional. Other players get what is known as a rising (or falling ) scale, probably from �200 upwards a week. Ashlee Cole, from Arsenal has turned down an offer recently of �55,000 per week and now wants to move overseas where he thinks he will earn more.True i work as a soccer player i use to work as a soccer player in usa but when i work over seas i get more money.

There isn't a set amount they get paid. It just depends on how good the player is or how keen a club is to get that player.

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