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The vertex of the angle.

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In angle ABC point b is the?


If angle ABC point B is the what?


Can angle ABC can be called angle cba?

Yes, so as long as the angle being identified (in this case, angle b) is in the center.

What is the measure of angle ABC?

two lines intersect at point b which is also end point of two rays

What does vertex of an angle mean?

The vertex of an angle is the point where the two rays meet. An example is angle ABC. the two rays are ray BA and ray BC. The two rays meet at point B.

What are the ways to name an angle?

The VERTEX of the angle is always in the middle... so if it is angle ABC, then you can also name it CBA as long as the vertex letter is in the middle, usually there are only 2 ways to name an angle.Also, if there aren't any other angles with the same vertex, you can just call angle ABC, angle B.Summary: If you have an angle:the vertex is labeled B, the others are A and C. what can you call the angle?Answer: ABC,CBA or B

What is the vertex of angle abc and what are the rays that form the angle?

The vertex is b and the rays are ba and bc.

The point where two rays meet is called the?


What possible measures for angle a and angle b with triangle abc is a right triangle with the right angle at c?

'a' and 'b' must both be acute, complementary angles.

How do you draw a quadrangle that has at least 1 right angle?

Draw two line segments, AB and BC, meeting at a right angle at the point B. Pick any point, D, in the plane, which is inside angle ABC or its opposite angle. Join CD and AD. Then ABCD will be a quadrangle which meets the requirements.

What else would need to be congruent to show that abc def by asa?

Angle B is congruent to Angle E.

What else would need to congruent to show that abc is congruent to xyz by asa?

angle B angle Y

Exterior angle property of a triangle?

measure of exterior angle of triangle is equal to sum of interior angles. for eg. In triangle ABC, angle C is exterior angle angle A and angle B are interior angles so, C=A+B

In triangle ABC angle C is a right angle Find the measure of angle B if side b equals 105 m and side c equals 139 m?

49 degrees

In triangle ABC angle B is three times angle A and angle angle C is one degree less than six times angle A find the angles?

A = 18.1 degrees B = 54.3 degrees C = 107.6 degrees

What are three ways to name an angle?

Acute: 0 < X < 90; Right: = 90; Obtuse: 90 < X < 180; Straight: = 180; Reflex: 180 < X < 360. The Acut, Right, Straight and Reflex are actually classifications of an angle. Naming of an angle is done by identifying the vertex and a combination of the vertex and points on the two rays. For example an angle with points ABC where B is the vertex and A and C are points on the accompanying rays may be named as angle B, angle ABC or angle CBA. These can be written with the symbol for angle placed before the B the ABC and the CBA.

True or False triangle ABC with right angle at C if C equals 24mm and A equals 16.67 then angle B equals 26?

False : Cos B = 16.67/24 = 0.6946 : Therefore angle B = 46° (not 26°).

In triangle ABC the measure of angle B is 40 less than the measure of angle A the measure of angle C is 20 more than twice the measure of angle A what is the measure of angle C?

A = 60 B = 20 C = 140 This can have a large number of answers.

In which region of angle CAB does point B lie?

the letter C lies on top, the first point of the angle. A is the "vertex" it connects both lines to form an angle the bottom could be letter B. "<" that's an angle. B and C could never be on the Vertex.

What are congruence statements for triangels?

Triangle ABC is congruent to triangle XYZ if AB=XY, BC=YZ, and CA=ZX. Also angle A=angle X, angle B=angle Y, and angle C= angle Z.

Construct the triangle abc angle of b is75 degree bc is 7cm ac or ba is 13?


In a triangle ABC angle B is 3 time angle A and angle C is 10 percent less than 6 times angle A?

B = 3A : C = 0.9 x 6A Therefore 180 = A + B + C = A + 3A + 5.4A = 9.4A : A = 180 ÷ 9.4 = 19.15° (2dp) Then B = 57.45° and C = 103.40°

Prove that equilateral triangles are equiangular?

Statement Reason1. triangle ABC is equilateral..............................................given2. AC is congruent to BC;AB is congruent to AC........................................definition of equilateral3. angle A is congruent to angle B;and B is congruent to angle C.............................Isosceles Theorem4. angle A is congruent to angle C..................Transitive Property of Congruence5. triangle ABC is equiangular...............................Definition of equiangular

In triangle ABC angle B is 5 times angle A and angle C is 8 less than 4 times angle A what is the size of angle A?

B = 5A C = 4A - 8 The sum of the angles of a triangle = 180° A + B + C = 180 A + 5A + (4A - 8) = 180 10A = 188 A = 18.8° (and therefore B = 94° and C = 67.2°)

True or false in triangle ABC with the right agnel at C if B equals 13.5 and C equals 28.9 then angle B equals 27.8?

True : Sin B = 13.5/28.9 = 0.46713 : Therefore Angle B = 27.8 (1dp)

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