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In Baseball there are many ways in which a triple play can be performed. If bases are loaded and the third baseman stops a ground ball, tags his base, throws the ball to second base, and the second baseman throws the ball to first base, that would be one example of a triple play.

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How do you score a point in baseball baseball?

Well in baseball you score runs. There is many ways you can score a run. Here are some ways: 1.) Homerun, 2.) A triple and then someone hits a single/double/homerun/sac fly, 3.) Two doubles in a row, 4.) A single and then a triple or homerun, and 5.) A batter gets a triple and then the pitcher throws a wild pitch and the runner scores.the technical answer is to have a runner or a batter/runner touch home plate safely after touching all 3 bases in order 1st 2nd 3rd than touch home before 3 outs are recordedThere are many ways to score in baseball.

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What is it called when three runners get out in one play?

The rare act of making three outs in one continuous play is called a triple play. There are many ways a triple play can be performed; most of them are done with runners on first and second base. Typically, a ball hit to the shortstop or third baseman is fielded, the runner heading to third is forced out or tagged out, the ball is thrown to second base for a force play, and then finally to first to throw out the batter. Another common sequence (to the extent such plays can be called common) is a line drive to the shortstop or second baseman that is caught without the runners noticing or after they have taken large leads (as in the case of a hit and run), the runners then being forced or tagged out when they fail to tag up.

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How can there be three triples in one half inning of baseball and no runs are scored?

There are several ways:After each triple, the runner gets picked off third.After each triple, the runner is caught stealing home.Each triple is a hit that the runner tries to stretch into an inside-the-park home run but is thrown out at home plate. The runner is credited with a triple because he touched three bases.Each triple is a home run hit out of the stadium but the runner fails to touch home plate and goes right to the dugout. The runner is credited with a triple because he touched three bases.Some, but certainly not all, combinations of the above.I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them right now.

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What is a double out in baseball?

A double out or double play is when there are 2 outs made in one play. It can only happen if there is at least one runner on base before the ball is hit. During the play either 2 runners are called out, or the hitter and one runner is called out. There are many different ways to do this.

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