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In football - can the goalkeeper be tackled inside the six-yard-box?

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You tackle the ball, not a player.

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Can the goalkeeper pick up the ball?

Only inside the box.

Can a goalkeeper inside the penalty area use his hand to touch a ball outside the penalty area?

No. It doesn't matter where the goalkeeper is.The ballmust be in the penalty area (on the line is inside) for the keeper to touch it.

What is the inside of a football?

there is air in a football.

What material is on the inside of a football?

air is in the football

How many points is a safety worth in a football game?

A safety is worth 2 points and caused three ways. 1) The person in possession of the ball is tackled inside their own endzone 2) There is an offensive holding penalty that happens inside the offensive teams endzone 3) The offensive team fumbles the ball out of bounds in their endszone.

Is football inside or outside?

it is played both inside and outside. if it is played inside, then they call the stadium a dome. most football fields are outside

If a goalkeeper advances from goal and misses the ball but while he has gone outside the area he manages to gather the ball which is inside?

it is not a handball as long as the ball is inside the penalty box.

What happens if someone is brought to the ground inside the box in football?

Assuming you're talking about soccer... it depends on who is fouled. If it's the same team as the goalkeeper, a free-kick is awarded. However - if it's a member of the opposing team, that would mean a penalty is awarded

Is the pressure inside a football is caused by the air particles inside the ball crashing into the wall of a football?

The pressure inside a football is caused by the air particles inside the ball being compressed by the addition of increasing amounts of air. The standard PSI of a professional football is 13 psi (Pounds per square inch).

How may players in a soccer team?

There are 11 soccer players insinde the fiels; which 1 is a goalkeeper and 10 are playing inside.

Can a goalkeeper move the ball from outside of the penalty area to the inside with his foot and then pick it up?

if it was not a pass back then he's allowed

What is a latex bladder?

the inside of a football

What is the inside of a football made out of?


What are the release dates for Inside Temple Football - 2010?

Inside Temple Football - 2010 was released on: USA: 2010 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

What is an ilb in football?

Inside Line Backer

Can a goalkeeper score using his hand?

He can only use his hands inside the painted box on the side he is assigned to. So if he can throw it that far, yes.

After a goalkeeper made a save can the goalkeeper punt the ball inside the penalty arc to distribute the ball to his team mates?

The purpose of the penalty arc is to ensure that, when a player takes a penalty kick, his teammates and opponents stay ten yards away from him at all times. While the goalkeeper has the ball in his possession, no player is allowed within the penalty arc until the keeper releases the ball.

Can a goalkeeper catch a ball that is in the air outside his box if his her feet remain inside?

No, the only thing that matters is where the ball is, if the ball is outside the box and he catches it, but his feet are inside the box, it is still hand ball.

How do you put on knee pads for football?

Football pants have the knee pads already built inside of them.

Is it true that the ball has to be inside the football post for two minutes in a football match?

no u tool

How many football fields could fit inside the Mall of America?

88 football fields

What are penalty kicks in soccer?

Penalty kicks are when an offensive player is fouled inside the penalty box. Then a player from that team will kick the ball from the penalty spot. Only the goalkeeper and the kicker are allowed inside the penalty box at the time of the kick. The goalkeeper must stay on the goal line until the ball is kicked. The ball must go completely over the line for the goal to count.

What is found inside a football ball?

A lining, then air.

How do gas particles inside a football cause pressure to be exerted on the walls of the football?

Well the football will cause pressure because of force making it go to the walls of a football.

Does air pressure affect the distance a football travels?

does air inside the football affect the distance when thrown