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it depends on how many are on the team. you can have

up to 12 people on a team but only 7 people on court.

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How many people are allowed on at once in netball?

there are allowed to be 7 people on the court at once but 10 people on a team

How many players in compettive netball?

In netball one team has 7 players so in a full game of netball there are always 14 people on court and usually 2 subs for each team.

How many people watch netball on TV?

How many people watch netball at all

Including referees how many people are on a netball pitch in a game?

On a netball court there are 7 people on each team, which means fourteen players are on court.There is the goal shoot,goal attack,goal defence,goal keep,centre,wing attack and wing defence. On a netball court there are fourteen players, then there are the referees: there are usually 2 of them. So all together there are 16 people on the court

How many players are there on court for a netball team?

there are 7 players on a netball court. GS GA WA C WD GD GK

How many squares on a netball court?

A normal netball court should be split into three squares/parts. Of course, there might be the odd exception where the court has more or less than three squares. Also, the thirds in a netball court aren't always exact squares, but they are sometimes.

How many players in a netball?

There are 14 players on a netball court at any given time. 7 from each team.

How many umpires do you need on a netball game?

There are usually 2 umpires in a netball game. They are positioned on the sidelines of the court

How many people in a netball team?

There are 7 players on a netball team

How many sections is netball court split up into?

The netball court is spilt up into 3rds. The centre third, the defensive third and the attacking third. Hope this helped :)

How do i get a print out of a diagram netball court?

Type netball court diagram into www.google.co.uk and there are many suggestions or go to::: http://www.netballfun.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/blankcourt.gif

How many players in netball game?

A netball team consists of about 10 players, 7 on the court and 3 reserves. Each team as 7 players on the court so there are 14 players all up on the court.

How many players in a netball squad?

There are 7 netball players on court at a time but there is also the coach, subs, manger and other helpers

What are the different types of netball?

indoor netball and outdoor netball. Indoor netball is played in a net and the court is smaller and there are no throw ins.You also usually have a lot of mixed gender teams play. Outdoor netball is played outdoor, the court is larger and there are throw ins. you dont find too many mixed gender teams

How many thirds are marked in a netball court?

if you include the "D" then 5 thirds

How many players are on a netball court at one time?

There are 7 players on your team, but altogether there are 14 on one court

How many people are needed to play a netball game?

you need 7 people on each team to play, and there is 14 people on a court, and 2 umpires. each team have a couple of subs;)

How many players are needed on the court to play netball?

There are 7 positions on court, but you can have a minimum of 5 players on court, one of which must play Centre.

How many girls play netball in NZ?

there are 7 girls who play on a netball court @ a time but a real netball team would have @ LEAST 9 players for subs just incase an accident happens

How many people play on court in netball?

AnswerThere are 7 players on the netball court from each team the positions are: Goal defence, wing Defence, Goal Attack, Centre, Wing attack, Goal Keeper and Goal Shooter. it is probably best that you have 9 players, 2 sub's incase of injuries.

How many games does each team play in a netball season?

in netball max you are allowed to have 11 people.

What are netball scores?

netball scores are people who keep track of how many goals each team scores ;)

In England how many people play netball?

It is the same for everywhere. You have 7 people on the court playing for one team at a time... 14 all together + 2 refs and a time keeper.

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