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In soccer what is the slang term for To Have a Shot at Goal?

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2015-07-16 19:31:04
2015-07-16 19:31:04

Popular slang terms for "A shot at goal" are to "have a dig" or to "have a poke"

also to have a pop at goal

to rip it also means to have a shot

have a rip is also a popular term, or let loose.

Comments on the above ......

- to "have a dig" - usually means to try to foul an opponent

- to have a "poke" or a "pop" at goal is commonly used on the pitch in England. As with "let loose"

- to "rip" ?? Played 'footy' in England 20 years and have to say it's not a term I've come across

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An Assist..but i dont think its slang

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Almost all sports use the word "shot" in them. For instance, in basketball, releasing the ball towards the basket is called a shot. In soccer, kicking the ball towards the goal is a shot. Badminton uses the the term as shot, Drive Shot and Smash Shot. Hockey uses that term as well as slap-shot, Trap and Skeet also uses that term for the lead pellets discharged from the shotgun.

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Ace is a slang term for an expert, likewise dab hand, hot shot and killer.

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The term penalty shot is used in ice hockey and polo. In soccer, the term penalty kick is used.

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A fieldgoal is a gridiron football term.

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