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In the early 90's Ric Flair left WCW for the WWF while holding the WCW title. How did WCW explain this to fans?


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During that time it was announced that Ric Flair and WCW had a contract dispute and Flair was stripped of the title. WCW took the two top contenders and put them in a cage match; barry windham and lex luger. A new title belt was brought in as the WCW World title. Not much was really said about this, but the NWA and WCW separated at the time as well. When Flair entered the WWF with the title there really wasn't any explanation on WCW tv, nor WWF tv except he was the "REAL" World Champion. Flair did leave WCW as world champion, so it was a legit claim. He went to the WWF with the NWA World Title belt. As stated above, WCW had split from the NWA. In early 1991, Ric Flair was actually the WCW and NWA champion after he defeated Sting to win the title back. When he left WCW to go to the WWF, he took the belt because his deposit of $25000 was not returned. After the deposit plus interest was paid, the belt was returned to the NWA where a title tournament was held. Soon after, Flair was wearing another title belt on WWF TV but it was censored. If you looked closely, you could tell that it was not the same belt because it had a blue spot in the middle. The big gold belt was one solid color.