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The first backboard was invented in1909.

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Q: In what year was the backboard first used?
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When was the glass backboard first used?

The first team to use a glass backboard was the Indiana Hoosiers men's team in 1917. The glass plate was made by a company in Bloomington and was 1 1/2 inches thick.

What year was the first glass backboard shattered?

1962. Ottawa Hills High School in Toledo, OH.

Who was the first to break a basketball backboard?

chuck conners

What does calling backboard mean?

Calling 'backboard' is a playground term in basketball. It is used in some games when a player is declaring that he is going to bank a shot into the goal using the backboard.

What year was the square added to the backboard?

The day i was born.

What is the use of a Backboard?

The backboard is used to bank the ball off of. The box on the backboard (right above the basket) is used as a guide. If you hit certain spots from certain sides of the goal, the ball will always go in the basket if thrown with the right technique.

When was the first backboard smashed?

1954 by Shane o kur

What were the first basketball rim and backboard made out of?

a peach basket

What is a backboard in basketball?

the backboard is behind the basketball hoop

What is the height of the basketball backboard?

If you are just needing the dimensions of the backboard itself - the backboard is 42" in height and 72" in width.

What is the backboard on basketball hoop used for?

A backboard is a raised vertical board with a basket attached. It is often made of Plexiglass. A basketball hoop is mounted to a backboard through a flexible connection in the backboard and the connection supporting the hoop. The shock of a basket or dunk is absorbed by the connecting part, so that the rim goes back to the horizontal position again.

What is the type of backboard used in the Philippine basketball association?

Tempered Glass

How high is the backboard top?

backboard top is 15 feet

If a basketball is shot and hits the side of the backboard Is the side of the backboard out of bounds?


Where is the shooting square located on a basketball backboard?

on the backboard above the rim

What does a backboard in netball mean?

There is no backboard in netball, however there is one in basketball

Why is the basketball backboard their?

The basketball backboard is there to show ppl where to shot the ball to get it in.

In what year was the first home refrigerator used?

in what year was the first home refigerator used?

How do you fix your backboard some guy that your dad paid to build it built it wrong and back board is a little tilted it is a spalding basketball hoop and you are sick and tired of the backboard?

The easiest way to fix a backboard that a guy paid to build and he did it wrong, is to remove the Spalding basketball hoop from the backboard. You can then attach it to a new backboard, that is not tilted forward, and you won't have to be sick and tired of a bad backboard anymore.

How large of a tennis backboard would you need for a class of 8 students?

According to Rally Master, a tennis backboard should be a minimum of 10' x 16' for one player, so if eight players used it simultaneously, you would need 10' x 128' of backboard area.

What are the markings on a basketball backboard?

how do we find out the size of the markings of the inner square on the backboard

How long is a standard basketball backboard?

A Basketball Backboard is 72 inches long.

Is the back of the backboard out of bounds?

Yes, the backboard or any supports are considered out of bounds.

What is a backboard?

A backboard is a flat vertical surface used in basketball to which the basket is attached, or a wall in the game of tennis, often used for practice, where balls can be hit at a flat surface in order to practise hitting.

What is the length and width of a basketball backboard?

Basketball backboards actually come in many shapes and sizes. However, a backboard used in the NBA measure 72 inches long and 42 inches tall.

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