Ip stands for what in baseball?


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Innings Pitched

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IP stands for "Internet Protocol".

The "IP" in IP litigation stands for Intellectual Property.

IP stands for Internet Protocol. It also stands for Intellectual Property, Instructor Pilot, and Internet Provider.

IP stands for Internet Protocol.If you want to know your IP address,visit .

IP stands for Internet Protocol and it is is a numerical label that is assigned to devices

IP stands for Internet Protocol and is in effect the address of your computer.

it stands for INTERNET PROTOCOL address

IP in IP address stands for "internet protocol", an IP has the task of delivering distinguished protocol datagrams (packets) from the source host to the destination host solely based on their address(es)

I am Going To Guess, That IP Stands For iPhone, and SW stands For Software. IPSW = iPhone Software

IP stands for Internet Protocol and it is is a numerical label that is assigned to devices participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication between its nodes.

IP stands for Internet Protocol. Basically it is a numerical address that allows you access to internet or local area connections (For example is an ip address). Go to This will display your current IP address, as assigned by your service provider.

IP stands for Internet Protocol, and is the means of 2 computers sending information to one another. The IP address for a Linksys router is usually 192.168.11, and may be the IP address for other manufacturers as well.

IP stands for Internet Protocol. In some cases, depending upon the context, it can also stand for Intellectual Property.

IP Stands for internet protocol, it is a set of rule. IP defines some rule that are to followed . IP address helps identifying a system on a network .

The Pitcher stands on the mound.

ip stands for internet protcol.....i dont know much about it but know dat if we come to know abt someones ip address we can use it to remotely access to computer or control it from some remote computer...

USP stands for United States Pharmacopoeia and IP for Indian Pharmacopoeia, so there's not necessarily a medical difference i suppose,

DHCP - which stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

IP stands for internet protocol. Every user have a unique IP which can be restricted from a website to prevent potential vandalism or stop future vandalism. Sometimes your IP is restricted to access a website when either the website is not available in your country or you have caused some damage to that website.

In baseball, OF stands for outfielder.

An IP stands for internet protocol. Basically its your house number on the internet. One IP transfers data via the internet to another IP, the name of the data they transfer is packets. There are two types of network, internal ip networks and the internet. There are also 3 types of iq names. Ipv2 Ipv4 Ipv6.

Nothing. That is not a valid IP address as its stands however ip addresses with the first 2 octets of means that Automatic Private IP Addressing has been enabled because no DHCP server was found and no static address has been defined.

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