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you can't answer that question. that is all about an opinion. personally in my opinion, i think he is. not only that, i think he is the best current MLB player.

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Did Derek Jeter lead the voting for shortstops for the 2010 all-star game?

Yes. Derek Jeter led all American League shortstops in All-Star votes for 2010.

Who are worst shortstops in the MLB?

Derek Jeter

Did Derek Jeter play little league baseball?

no, he played little leagUe baseball.

How did Dave Winfield inspire Derek Jeter to play baseball?

He made Derek Jeter play baseball for his whole little league career

Who is the cutest Major League Baseball player?

Derek Jeter.

Who makes the most money in the Major League Baseball?

Derek jeter

Does derek jeter like baseball?

Yes derek jeter likes baseball

What date did Derek Jeter get drafted by the New York Yankees?

Derek Jeter was the 6th overall pick in the 1992 Major League Baseball Draft.

When was Derek Jeter introduced to baseball?

Derek Jeter was introduced to baseball as a small child.

Was Derek Jeter ever suspended from baseball?

No Derek Jeter was never suspended from baseball

What major league baseball player was born in Kalamazoo Michigan?

Derek Jeter

How do you unlock everything on Major league baseball 2K6?

Enter Derek Jeter

Which Major League Baseball teams did Derek Jeter play on?

Derek Jeter began playing for the New York Yankees in 1995. The Yankees are the only MLB team that Derek has ever played for.

How old was Derek Jeter when he first started playing major league baseball?

Derek Jeter played 15 games in 1995 for the Yankees, he was 21 years old.

How long did Derek Jeter go to college?

Derek Jeter was going to attend college, but then he got an invitation to major league baseball. so he didnt attend college.

Who is the best player in Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009?

Derek Jeter

Did Derek Jeter play in the National League?

No, he did not. Derek Jeter has always played for the New York Yankees, which is an American League team.

Who is the best major league baseball player ever?

Derek Jeter Go YANKS

Did Derek Jeter ever pitch in the Major League Baseball?

no he never pitched in the MLB

Who was the 2011 best major league baseball player ESPY award?

Derek jeter

What is Derek jeter position in baseball?

ShortstopDerek Jeter is a Shortstop (SS) SHORTSTOP

Who is the person named Derek Jeter?

Derek Jeter is a famous Major League Baseball Player that plays for the New York Yankees. He is the Yankees all time hit leader and is a very good baseball player.

Who holds the major league baseball record for most career hits in the postseason?

derek jeter

What age did Derek Jeter start playing Major League baseball?

Derek Jeter's Major League debut was on May 29, 1995, he was 21 years old.

What 1st baseman did Derek Jeter replace?

Derek Jeter has always played the shortstop position in his major league career.