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Is English football big in America?

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The EPL as the worlds most globally viewed sports league would definitely be the biggest Football league (bigger than La Liga, Serie A) and so Manchester United often play games in US in pre season... Man Utd game i attended sold out in Chicago vs Bayern Munch.

AnswerIf we ever got good at Football (soccer) then it would take off. Only goalkeepers from America have been a success as seen in EPL for example as they get to use their hands.. outfield players having to use foot and also have positional sense is where we havent suceeded.. primarily because sports here are hand orientated so having done that for over 100 years we are not adept at using foot... also people here are constantly told what to do by coaches (NFL, Baseball) so don't have that positional sense. AnswerFootball - "Soccer" as it's called here - hasn't really hit it big on a professional/spectator level. Kids, on the other hand, especially in youth leauges, go soccer crazy. The local professional organizations have a loyal, albeit nowhere near the levels in Europe, following.

I imagine that as kids growing up playing Soccer get older, the popularity of the game as an American spectator sport will increase.

AnswerI think a lot more people (especially kids) play soccer than watch it in the US. However, I have been really surprised by the number of people who do watch. I live in a very very small town and thought that I was one of the few but I run into students on the college campus all the time who are wearing jerseys for their favorite teams. Fox Sports World has made a big difference and so has the coverage of David Beckham by the popular press. No matter what people think about his skills (perhaps he gets too much publicity compared to better footballers) he has been great for the game.
2011-09-13 01:56:48
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Q: Is English football big in America?
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What do the English call football from America?

American Football.

What is another name for a football?

English football in America is called Soccer or American football in England is like rugby =)

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While Soccer has quite a big fanbase in America, it is quite clear which is the preferred sport. Football or American Football is the more preferred of two.

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in america football(to the english)is called the uk its the other way round,soccer and fo same football are the same thing.

What is the game Footy?

English/European/world football, in North America it is known as soccer.

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English football ties are English football matches

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English Football

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It's a considerably and significantly big sport in America. In other countries; however, it is not so popular.

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Two in the big leagues: Cardiff and Swansea.

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The United States of America. (Football has its roots in soccer and rugby, which are English games. But American football -- and definitely the NFL -- is American.)

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Football America was created in 2003.

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American football is basically rugby, English football is a lot better and you play.

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