Is Mickie james Dating Brutus Magnus?

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Is john cena dating mickie James?

No, John Cena and Mickie James only dated for a month. John Cena isback with Liz and will get married by the end of the year, andMickie James is dating a football player. ): This came from JohnCena himself. no just a story line, john is getting married to his high schoolsweatheart, at the end of j ( Full Answer )

What is mickie James theme song?

Mickie James theme song is called hardcore country and it's actually one of her songs from her country album.

Is Mickie James a Leisbien?

Mickie James is not bisexual or lesbian She is not in a relationship and she doesn't want one. She doesn't want one because she is afraid it will interrupt her wrestling career.

Is mickie James dating John Cena?

No John cena has annouced that he is engaged to a woman named Liz, and wants to get married later this year . he also said he wouldn't have sex or date a diva. him and Liz have been together for 15years. WWE superstar John Cena is getting married. According to the Boston Herald, Cena will tie ( Full Answer )

Is mickie James dating anyone?

this might not be true but i heard she had dated john cena and by what happened on a recent show they were very flirty i believe its true. why else would they mix cena and mickie on raw. I saw on raw that mickie and cena were g with each other

Has John Cena dated Mickie James?

Idk if they ever actually have dated but I know he is married to another girl and its not mickie james.

What is Mickie James' real name?

She was born Mickie Laree James. She adopted the pseudonym AlexisLaree at TNA and on the independent circuits. Since her marriage to Magnus on December 31, 2015, she is MickieJames-Aldis.

Who is Mickie James going out with?

She was previously engaged to wrestler Kenny Dykstra. She was previously in a relationship with Adam Birch, better known by his ring name "Joey Mercury".

What is Mickie James' phone number?

The personal phone and cell numbers of celebrities and athletes are not disclosed for security reasons. WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about persons famous or nonfamous alike, due to privacy regulations, and WikiAnswers policies.

Did mickie James date Jeff hardy?

NO, or at least i dont think they dated, but im pretty sure they didn't. sry if im wrong. July 31, 2008. No Jeff and Mickie have never dated. Mickie is dating Cena and Jeff is with his long time girlfriend Beth

Is mickie James bi?

mickie James is bi. because she kisses other divas. and she dated john cena. just because she dated john cena does not mean she ain't bi.

Is mickie james and john cena dating?

No. In real life, he goes out with his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. He announced his engagement to his girl friend Elizabeth Huberdeau in the year 2009. The couple got married on July 11 th 2009 and have been married ever since.

Are john cena and mickie James still dating?

No, John Cena and Mickie James only dated for a month then broke up, now he is back with his girlfriend Liz and will be gatting married by the end of the year. I still want John Cena to gat back with Mickie James. \n. \n. april 2009 \n. John and Mickie never dated!! it was for their storyline a ( Full Answer )

Is john cena still currently dating mickie James?

NO, Cena and Mickie only dated for a month! He and Liz are back together and will be getting married by the end of the year, this is per Cena himself in his latest interview. John Cena Engaged + Says Steroid Users Should Be Thrown In Jail Reported by: Ryan Clark. Updated on February 16, 2009 1:58 ( Full Answer )

Did mickie james date john cena?

John Cena has never dated any of the divas in real life. He has been with his wife since high school.

Did mickie James retire?

Yes, She Was Let Go By The WWE After The 2010 Draft It Is Unclear Weather She Will Return Or Not

Is Mickie James into Spanking?

Only Mickie James knows.. The above answer is a great answer. I wish she would tell me....

Where is Mickie James now?

She is now on TNA Impact. she debuted on October 7, 2010 announcing she was going to be the special guest referee in the TNA Knockouts championship match at Bound For Glory that next Sunday.

How old is WWE Micky James?

Born: August 31, 1979 (age 29). For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.

Is WWE diva mickie James dating anyone?

No. Not right now. She was previously engaged to wrestler Kenny Dykstra. She was also previously in a relationship with Adam Birch, better known by his ring name "Joey Mercury".

Is mickie James the divas champion?

Yes she Beat Maryse at thee Night of Champions in July 26 2009 As of right now she is the Women's champ since she beat Michelle McCool at the Royal Rumble

Did mickie James do cryme time?

She use to but Cryme Time got Drafted to SmackDown soo Not anymore soo its Eve Torres now that does Word Up with Cryme Time

Is mickie James on MySpace?

Yes, Mickie has a myspace at http:/ Have a great day! No Mickie James is not on Myspace. She is on Twitter.

Is Mickie James retiring?

Mickie James already retired well accully she got fired because she was always late or something

Where is mickie James house?

her adresse is: 121 Dogwood Ct Aylett, VA 23009-4136 USA THAT IS NOT HER ADDRESS SHE LIVES IN NASHVILLE TENN. GEEEZZZ

Is mickie James a tom boy?

no, she have a boyfriend and plus she use to go with john cena and batista

Does mickie James have a girlfriend?

maybe you wanted to say a "boyfriend" coz shes not on the other way... and yes she had some but im not sure if shes having one right now (by "some" i wanted to say boyfriends)

Is mickie James a good singer?

She is brilliant, if you like country. She's got a really original voice. Type hardcore country in on youtube; she sings in that one.

Did mickie James get fired?

sad to say she was because... . she more than once on the European tour arrived late for the bus, holding up travel. . That was considered the straw that broke the camel's back dating back to her being disciplined by being sent to smackdown due to substandard performances and issues with her ( Full Answer )

Is mickie James going to tna?

No! shes not leaving WWE! The WWE released Mickie James in April and I just saw that she signed a contract with TNA. I wanna cry, in fact I am!!

Will mickie James return to WWE?

She recently signed with TNA, but there is a high probability that she'll return to WWE someday.

Has mickie James left the WWE?

Mickie James did not leave the WWE the WWE releaased her on April 22, 2010 and she just signed a deal with TNA.

What happened to WWE Mickie James?

Mickie James is currently signed to TNA, but there is a good posibility of her returning to WWE in the future.

Will Mickie James come back?

Mickie is in TNA right now, but she will probably come back to WWE sometime in the future.

Why did WWE fire mickie James?

She wasn't. She was just released. Being released from your contract is the same as being fired. She was fired due to being late on the European tour.

Why was Mickie James released from WWE?

i don't think so but she took a break to work on her singing career, i don't know who would want to be a singer over a wrestler (besides half the roster) but that's a different story... She was released be cause she was late all the time.

Why did mickie James go to tna?

From what I heard someone said that her WWE contract expired and TNA offered her to go to TNA and she accepted.

Does Mickie James have tattoos?

Yes, Mickie James has two tattoos: an Asian symbol meaning 'love' on her ankle and a dragon that wraps around it.

Does mickie james date black guys?

no she doesn't because if you look at her video's then you will see that she didn't or she did not date girls they made her do that and if you see her with two black guys she is just joing something because i saw the video and i am not raises

What happened to micky James of WWE?

She was released from WWE one day earlier on April 22, havingpre-taped her SmackDown match. According to James, WWE explained the decisionas due to desiring to move in a new direction with their women'sdivision. In November 2013, James received a phone call from WWE TalentRelations, asking James w ( Full Answer )