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of course he is he runs way faster has more skill and all Ryan giggs has is good kicks

no he is NOT gigss is better than nani more experience, better skills and better temperment!!!!!!!

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Is Ryan Giggs better than Nani?

yes definitely

Is drogba better than Nani?

yes drogba is better than nani

Is nani better than ronaldo?

no nani is not better than ronaldo because ronaldo has more shot power and a better free kick

Is Gabriel Obertan better than Nani on the wing and could play there when Giggs retires?

Obertan is settling in well at Man United and will soon take Nani's spot. He has more pace, and able to cut through the centre from the wing, rather than run down the flank and get into a dead-end like Nani. He is more decisive and has potential to be a good playmaker Not too sure if he could play a role similar to Giggs as that depends on who else is in the midfield

Which team has Ryan giggs scored the most goals against?

Ryan Giggs scored more goals on Tottenham Hotspur than any other team he faced. He ended with 10 career goals against them.

Why is archbishop Ryan better than archbishop wood?

It's not, because Wood is better than Ryan.

Is Ryan better than mason?


Who has played nearly 100 games with Ryan giggs?

Paul Scholes, he's been with Man U for more than a decade already

How many games did Ryan giggs play for Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has played 921 times for Manchester United up to the present time, which is a club record. He has also scored in every single Premier League season to date, and has won more medals than any other PL player.

Is juventus better than Manchester united?

Yes because Quagliarella is better than Van persie,Pirlo is better than,Rooney,Avidal is better than Javier Hernandez,Marchisio is better than Nani and chiellini is better than patrice evra , paul scohls and phill jones

Who is the most decorated player in the history books of Man Utd other than Ryan Giggs Paul Scholes and Gary Neville?

It could be then Rio Ferdinand.

Is Ryan Better Than Mark At Football?

Yes, it is a true fact of life that Ryan Dawson is better than Mark Birkinshaw at Football. Not Soccer. FOOTBALL

What are facts about Paul Ryan?

better than biden

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no Ryan is better Ryan is not better than P-Rod! paul rodriguez has soo much more style than sheckler, he can also bust out any trick in swith as in his normal stance....goofy. Ryan was a young sensation but paul is a better all round skater. it really comes down to personal opinion. mine is definitely paul rodriguez!!!

Is Ryan Grant better than Tiki Barber?

Barber was a much better player when he was active.

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Ryan Gosling's abs are way more ripped than usher's.

Why is aluminium better than iron?

Er ye watever Ryan

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Athleticaly Vick is better but Matt Ryan has a very good arm. Matt Ryan is way better then Vick its not all about how the QB throw the ball even though his arm is betters but the way the QB think is important to. Think about that.

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I am. I am better than Ryan Sheckler. And I am only 15

Who has played in more Manchester derbies than any other player?


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Miranda Cosgrove is way hotter than Debby Ryan. + im a boy that thinks that she is hotter than every boddy in the world

is 4.05 less than 4.055 in decimals?


Who is Scarlett Johansson's boyfriend?

Ryan Reynolds but he looks way better than she does in my opinion. He is actually married to her.

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No Ryan is youger than Daniel

How is Nani weekly salary at united?

Nani is paid up to £12,560 as his weekly salary and he is a goo player that's why he is payed less than his squad but still gives a great offer of entertainment.

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