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Patrick Viera is the finest player that has ever lived, or that will ever live. His Herculean strength is largely attributed to the whole whales he was fed as a 'child' (term used loosely as it is unknown whether he was born or simply 'is'). He is a man of humble beginnings who has grown up to have the most powerful shot in the history of 'mankind' (again used loosely as opinions as to Pat's true genetic make up are unclear) - once estimated at travelling at 5,000 m/s. As intimated above, Pat's age is unclear. Scientific analysis on the powerhouse proved inconclusive and have led to speculation as to whether or not Patrick is 'The Messiah'. This, however, has raised questions, as doubts appeared as to whether our 'Messiah' could have such disregard for opponents.

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Who was arsenal captain before tony Adams?

Patrick Viera Patrick Viera

What player has the most yellow cards in premiership?


Is patric viera Muslim?

No Patrick viera is a christian

Which player has been sent off most in premier league history?

patrick viera

How old is Patrick Viera?


Where was Patrick viera born?

in pooptown, england

What is Patrick Viera's religion?

Patrick Viera is a French football player and manager of the Elite Development Squad. He was born in the year 1976 and is a Muslim in religion.

Which player has been sent off the most in English football?

duncan Ferguson and Patrick viera, both with 8

Who is arsenal most capped footballer?

patrick viera

Who is the player who played for inter milan and juventus and AC milan and his age is 33 years old?

I think he is Patrick Viera

What soccer players wore the number 4?

Patrick Viera

How long did Patrick viera play for arsenal?

From 1996-2005.

What players played for ac milan international and juventus?

Patrick Viera

Has Patrick viera won the spanish league?

He has never played in La Liga.

What is the religion of the french footballer Patrick viera?

No he is not Muslim! .. he is a Christian up to 200%!

Which team did Patrick Viera win Champions league with?

He has never won the Champions League.

Who has Played for arsenal and Manchester city?

kolo toure emmanuel adebayor Patrick viera

Which footballers in premiership have received 7 red cards?

Duncan Ferguson & Patrick Viera

French players with 300 premier league appearances?

Nicholas Anelka and Patrick Viera

What famous soccer players have worn the number 4?

Patrick Viera, Cesc Fabregas, Vidic.

English premiership footballer to have won both world cup and European championships?

fabien barthez. Patrick viera.

Which frenchman have won the premiership?

They are Nickolas Anelka, Robert Pires, Patrick viera, Theirry Henry, Emannuel Petit. Barthez.

Is Patrick Kane a good hockey player?

Yes, Patrick Kane is a great player. He scored the winning goal for the 2010 Stanely Cup game.

Which English football player had most red cards in career?

There are currently three players joint on the most ammount of red cards in the premier league: Richard Dunne, Patrick Viera and Duncan Ferguson (on 9 each)

Did Patrick viera ever sign for man utd?

No Patrick Vieira had never signed for Manchester United, he was signed by the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger from an Italian club, it could be A.C Milan.