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Is Patrick viera a good player?


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Patrick Viera is the finest player that has ever lived, or that will ever live. His Herculean strength is largely attributed to the whole whales he was fed as a 'child' (term used loosely as it is unknown whether he was born or simply 'is'). He is a man of humble beginnings who has grown up to have the most powerful shot in the history of 'mankind' (again used loosely as opinions as to Pat's true genetic make up are unclear) - once estimated at travelling at 5,000 m/s. As intimated above, Pat's age is unclear. Scientific analysis on the powerhouse proved inconclusive and have led to speculation as to whether or not Patrick is 'The Messiah'. This, however, has raised questions, as doubts appeared as to whether our 'Messiah' could have such disregard for opponents.