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Is Pele a soccer player?


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yes, Pele is one of the greatest soccer (football) players of all time

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Pele Is the best guy soccer player

Yes, Pele is a famous football (soccer) player.

Pele is not dead yet he is alive.

Pele the famous soccer star now lives in the U.s.A.

Pele is a soccor player.

Pele was a soccer player and since he did not have much he played with a hackysack and became a world famous soccer player. That was i think a hobby.

pele was regarded as the greatest player at football (soccer)

Pele is a fraud yall needa watch oh my goal fr tho

by becoming a pro soccer player

No, he was a soccer player from Brazil.

Pele was termed as the player of the century

Pele considered to be the greatest soccer player of all time.

He used to be a great soccer player in the 70's but doesnt play anymore.

pele although there is others such as maradona, messi, rooney, and ronaldo. there are many others but pele reveloutionised soccer

As of July 2016, Pele, the famous Brazilian soccer player, is still alive.

He accomplished his dream of being soccer player

Pele the brazillian legend

The MOST famous soccer player is Pele'. Messi is also famous, Lukas Podolski is, Christiano Ranaldo is, but Pele' is clearly the best.

Ashraf is way better at soccer then Pele, Ashraf played for Arsenal and South Africa he is also rated the best soccer player of all time

a famous person in Brazil is Pele. Pele was a famous soccer player. But he got retired. Brazilians made him king of soccer!

No Pele did not kill his brother in soccer.

Pele is one of the greatest soccer players that ever was.

Abedi Pele is a former soccer player with the team Ghana International. He was also the captain of the team.

Pele plays for Brazil. He is the best soccer player in history. Everyone should know that!

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