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She was originally Swedish, but she might be a naturalised US citizen by now.

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Can Tiger woods Wife Leave US With Kids?

She can only do it with Tiger's signed consent. The kids are US citizens and Elin is not a US citizen.

Does Tiger Woods wife live in US?

Tiger Woods is not married. His former wife did live in the US, but they were divorced.They share custody of their two children.

How many times has Tiger Woods won the US Open?

Tiger Woods has won the U.S. Open twice (2000, 2002).

Is Tom Bradys wife a citizen of us?

Gisele Bundchen is a US citizen

When did Tiger Woods win his last major?

Tiger Woods won his last Major Championship at the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines

Does the wife of a US President have to be a US citizen?

No such criteria exists, nor does the husband of a US President have to be US Citizen.

When was the last major that Tiger Woods won?

As of 22nd August 2009, the last major championship Tiger Woods won was the 2008 US Open.

Who won the 2006 golf championship?

Masters- Mickelson, US Open- Geoff Ogilvy, The Open- Tiger Woods and PGA Championship- Tiger Woods.

Was Tiger Woods ever a captain for the ryder cup?

No, Tiger Woods has never captained the US team. He won't until he's about 50 if he ever does.

How many amateur tournaments has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods won 18 Amateur tournaments. Including three consecutive US Amateur titles.

Who is the riches person in the US?

Tiger Woods is the richest person in the U.S.

What was Tiger Woods fathers job?

He was a Green Beret in the US Army.

Who is the most famous athlete in the US?

Tiger Woods or Lebron James.

Which golf tournament did Tiger Woods most recently win?

Tiger Woods last played the US Open in 2008, which he won after a play off with Rocc Mediate.

What inspires Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods always tried to beat the records of his idol Jack Nicklaus. And like all of us he looked up to his mum and dad.

Who won the majors of the PGA tour in 2006?

The Masters- Phil Mickelson. US Open- Geoff Ogilvy. The Open- Tiger Woods. USPGA Championship- Tiger Woods.

Who are the Wealthest US Athletes in 2006?

Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez are the richest

When did Tiger Woods get knee surgery?

In June 2008 after he won the US Open.

Can US citizen have a wife in US and anothe wife in a different country?

That's called comitting adultery, stay with one wife.

What was the 2008 US Golf Open prize money for Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate?

Tiger Woods received $1.25 million for the win. Mediate got more than $800,000

Can a US citizen who is unemployed sponsor his wife whose I-94 has not expired yet for US citizenship?

The US citizen can sponsor his wife for a green card, not for US citizenship. Since he is currently unemployed, he will need to get a joint sponsor to complete an affidavit of support for his wife.

Who has the most golf wins in the US?

Tiger Woods followed closly by Phil Mickelson

Who won the Masters of 2000 golf?

Tiger Woods won the 2000 US Masters.

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