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Some parallelograms could be quadrilaterals but all parallelograms are polygons

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A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides. A parallelogram is a quadrilateral in which the opposite sides are parallel.

A parallelogram is a 4 sided quadrilateral.

A quadrilateral is a polygon with four 'sides' . A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with two sets of parallel sides.

A polygon and/or a quadrilateral.

polygon, sometimes a parallelogram

parallelogram and polygon * * * * * Wrong. A quadrilateral need not be a parallelogram. A kite is a quadrilateral but nobody with the slightest mathematical knowledge would call a kite a parallelogram!

It is neither because a triangle is a 3 sided polygon whereas a parallelogram is a 4 sided quadrilateral

Basically a quadrilateral. Specialised forms of quadrilateral are parallelogram, rectangle and square.

polygon, parallelogram, quadrilateral

quadrilateral , trapezoid ,polygon ,not a parallelogram

Quadrilateral, parallelogram, polygon.

a quadrilateral trapezoidA polygon with four unequal sides is a quadrilateral, as is a square, rectangle, trapezoid and parallelogram.

A quadrilateral is a 4 sided polygon such as a square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid ..... etc

Parallelogram, quadrilateral Parallelogram means "All opposite sides are equal" Quadrilateral means "Four-sided"

Yes, both of these are special versions of quadrilateral. And a quadrilateral is a four sided polygon.

A quadrilateral, a parallelogram, a rhombus, a rectangle, a regular polygon.

square, rectangle, quadrilateral, polygon, parallelogram, equilateral

A square is a type of polygon, rectangle, parallelogram and quadrilateral.

A rhombus is first a polygon, then a quadrilateral, parallelogram, and finally a rhombus.

Any polygon with 4 sides is a quadrilateral such as a square, a rectangle, a rhombus, a parallelogram ... etc

All parallelograms are quadrilaterals. Not all quadrilaterals are parallelograms. A quadrilateral refers to any polygon with four sides. A parallelogram refers to any quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides.

Polygon means many sides and is the name given to shapes that have 3 or more sides and a parallelogram is a 4 sided poylgon or a quadrilateral

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