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Is a square a trapezoid?

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A square may or may not be a trapezoid, or trapezium. That's because there is a bit of a difference of opinion as to the definition of a trapezoid. One definition of the trapezoid is that is has one pair of parallel sides. The square meets this condition. Another definition of the trapezoid is that is has exactly one pair of parallel sides. The square cannot meet that definition because it has two pairs of parallel sides.

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Is square a trapezoid?

No a square is not a trapezoid

Is a square or trapezoid have a special name and is a parallelogram?

Square = parallelogram and a square trapezoid = trapezoid Parallelogram = Parallelogram

How is a trapezoid different from a square?

a trapezoid is slanted and a square is not

Can a trapezoid look like a square?

No, it is either a trapezoid or a square.

What is a sentence with the word trapezoid in it?

Look at the amazing four-sided trapezoid! That 'square' is not square, it is a trapezoid.

Can a square be a trapezoid?

A square can't be a trapezoid because it has two parellel sizes.

Is a square a trapazoid?

No, a square is not a trapezoid.

Is a trapezoid a square?

No, a trapezoid cannot be a square. Want me to include reasons? Just send me a message.

Can a square and a trapezoid ever have the same area and why?

Yes because if you square root the area of a trapezoid that will give you the side of a square

What shape is a half of a trapezoid?


Why can a square never be a trapezoid?

Sure it can. A trapezoid has two parallel sides; a square has both pairs of side parallel. Therefore, all square are automatically trapezoids.

Is every rhombus a parallelogram rectangle square or trapezoid?

'A square is a type of rectangle, a rectangle is a type of paralellogram, a paralellogram is a type of trapezoid, a trapezoid is a type of quadrilateral.

Which term should not be used to describe a square parallelogram rhombus rectangle trapezoid?


Which figure a square or trapezoid will rotate onto itself in 90?

A trapezoid

Which one is not a parallelogram rhombus rectangle trapezoid parallelogram or square?


Are the square and the trapezoid congruent?


Is a trapezoid the same as a square?


Is trapezoid classify square?


What is the fewest number of figures you would have to draw to display a square a rectangle a parallelogram and a trapezoid?

Two, a square and a trapezoid. A square is a rectangle and a parallelogram.

What is a trapezoid with no right angles and at least 25 square ft?

A normal trapezoid with at least 25 square feet.

Why a square can never be a trapezoid and?

A square cannot be a trapezoid because a trapezoid has only one set of parallel lines. One of the trapezoids lines will eventually intersect. A square has two pairs of parallel lines.

Which shape does not belong with the others rectangle square trapezoid or rhombus?

Trapezoid. The rectangle, square, and rhombus are all parallelograms. The Trapezoid is a solid: a prism of trapezium cross-section.

Is a square always trapazoid?

No, a square is never a trapezoid.

Can a traezoid also be a square?

a trapezoid requires at least two parallel sides, so a square is a special case of trapezoid, but not all trapezoids are square.

What do rectangle trapezoid square triangle and the parallelogram have in common?

They are all polygons.